Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Things that People Don't Get

1) Yoga and meditation are evil and anti-Catholic.
 I'm not sure where people get this idea from.  I've seen a number of articles recently from priests saying something to the affect that the Vatican should put the kabosh on yoga.  It stems from the idea that practicing yoga or meditation is practicing Buddaism or Hinduism.  While yoga has it's origins in these religions, the way the western world typically uses yoga is for health or exercise. 

Let me look at it from another angle.  Most martial arts like karate or taekwando also have meditation or philosophy associated with them.  However, the larger purpose of martial arts is for self-defense or again, health and exercise.  Yet, I don't hear any priests (unless I'm totally mistaken) saying anything about how it's detrimental for Catholics to learn taekwando. 

That's why I don't understand what's wrong with practicing yoga positions or breathing techniques. 

But what really gets my gourd is the mention that the reason yoga is also bad is because of meditation.  It begs the question about what contemplative prayer or mental prayer is exactly if not a form of meditation.  So yes, let's get rid of meditation and in that same vein we should never pray the Rosary (because it also involves contemplation) or think over our sins (because that's using our brain too) or strike Teresa of Avila from our lists of saints (because well she's the one who made meditation all groovy).  I'd hate to think that meditation is too eastern and dabbling in eastern religion.

2) Christians who don't except the homosexual lifestyle are only bullies.
As someone pointed out there's this mindset now that you're one of two ways:  either as a Christian who doesn't accept homosexuality you believe that bullying is okay or as a Christian who thinks bullying is wrong you must also accept homosexuality.  I don't know about you but I'm perfectly okay saying I think the gay lifestyle is wrong.  I also don't go pushing people into lockers or chanting nasty slogans or deface "family" photos either because that's wrong too.  It doesn't have to be either or. 

But I've seen that the reason why Christians are bigots are because they bully.  An episode of Glee reminded me that the gay agenda feels like all Christians hate gay people. 

I'm not a bigot.  I'm not a bully.  I don't hate gay people.  Just because I don't agree with everything that people do in their lives doesn't make me hateful.  Just look at the presidential campaigns.  Hello, are all those for one side and against another also bigots, bullies, or haters (well some could be bullies)?  It's silly reasoning.

And furthermore the whole notion that "once I get to know a few gay people I will change my mind" is obnoxious.  I'm a musician.  I know a lot of gay people and have a few gay friends.  That doesn't mean that I approve. 

My husband is worried that I will traumatize our children if one is gay.  He/she is welcome to our house and welcome to eat food with us.  But he/she is not welcome to bring their "partner" over for a sleep over.  Nor while they are minor are they welcome to date a member of the same sex.  And if you think that's biased, they may also not be able to date someone of the opposite sex.  That one I'd have to seriously think about because it depends largely on my children's behavior, the other child's behavior, and if this is an exclusive thing.  Yes, I'm a little over the top conservative, but I think some rules need to be laid down.  Even my "no curfew" parents had rules about dating.

And there you have it.

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