Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Usul, we have the biggest wormsign....

the likes of which God has never seen. ~ Dune

So I figured I should talk about a couple of the prelim signs of things.

1) Contractions- I'm not sure these are exactly Braxton-Hicks contractions.  They are uncomfortable and cause me to have to stop a moment for what I am doing.  They are however irregular and hours apart.  I usually get about 4 to 6 a day that I notice.  Then throw in those occasional contractions where only one part of my uterus contracts.

2) Headaches- I'm a migraine sufferer (it's genetic, nothing I can really do for it).  And as such I can feel very strongly any chemical changes in my brain.  Every time I get an upsurge of hormones (usually in the evening) I can feel it.  It's not like a migraine; it just feels weird.  I had that occur at least three times so far (including tonight).

Please don't read further if you get queazy.

3) Mucus- Hubby laughed at me this evening.  Not having my water break or the mucus plug fall out or the bloody show.  But here I was going to use the toilet and noticed instead of the very watery vaginal fluid, I had instead the very slimy (usually good for baby making) cervical fluid.  To which I squished and stretched around between my fingers in utter amazement.  That's why he was laughing at me.  What does this mean?  Well for those of you who chart this usually means that your cervix is opening up and prepping for ovulation.  For those like me who are awaiting labor, it just means my cervix is dilating some more.

Update: Apparently having the mucus is having the mucus plug fall out in pieces.  I should have looked into that more.  According to many sources, this means labor is within hours (although apparently not in my case), days, or weeks (which I've only got days so...).  Like I said this weekend, maybe.

So my thoughts:  I give it a couple of more days.  My irregular contractions started last Saturday and some say this happens a week before active labor begins.  Of which I'm sure I'll totally gross you out with all the "gory" details. :)

Again, I'll quote "Usul, we have the biggest wormsign the likes of which God has never seen."  Although you can substitute friends, family, etc with Usul, God with me, and wormsign with laborsign.

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  1. praying for you! and don't forget to drink your water (that's what my mom always says)


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