Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Whole Lot of Nothing

My kid's show post was scheduled for 6:30.  I'm not sure of what time zone, but it should have posted so I had to so myself.  I guess blogger's newest feature has a bug.

I intended it to post on its own because I wasn't sure about labor stuff.  The labor stuff still remains a whole lot of nothing.  The whole family is going nuts about it.  Hubby told me that because I have a whole lotta energy today he thinks it's the start.  But he says stuff like that all the time.  Yesterday we hung out with the family whose going to be watching HB.  I feel real comfortable around them because they have two older boys who are really conscience of any littles.  At one point HB walked out of the play area and the five year old caught it and gently guided him back in.  So I think it's the best fit ever.

While we were there, we also met a lady who also goes to the same parish.  She's what I would describe as wearing your religion on your sleeve.  Told me that someone had suggested to her to make the sign of the cross where the baby's head would be to help speed up the wait time.  Now I realize that there are those who are big into that sort of thing, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable because it borders on superstition.  I realize she meant well, but I don't know...  She also said that there are a lot of feast days and her kids are all born on feast days.  I think she meant major feast days because the entire calendar is filled with feast days, but I didn't get into it.  It's not worth it.  Her son, incidentally, has a middle name similar to HB's first name.  In other words it's like a derivation; examples would be Edward and Edmund or Nathan and Nathaniel.  It was pretty cool.  Other than my grandfather, we've never met anyone with HB's name especially a young person.  It's an old fashioned name.  She was very sweet, but I always get worried/anxious around sweet people because I know that I could never live up to those standards.  I'm mean and cantankerous.  I grew up in an environment where women throw their weight around and so being around patient, angelic, composed people puts me on edge.  Maybe that's why most of my friends are male.  Guys can get away with being a little ornery and they don't seem to care if someone else is.

Also had a great day today.  So much energy.  And no idea where it's coming from.  We colored a picture of St. Nicholas.  I love the icono-color pages.  We just did a simple one.  He did, however, throw a fit when I removed the crayons after he started nibbling on the purple one.  I think for the Immaculate Conception we'll use water color.  He also got two books in his stocking: one was hymn about the animals at the Nativity and the other loosely followed the Bible all the way from the Annunciation to Epiphany.  They were used Golden books printed in the US.  Also he got an orange, which he's not really big into because of the white stuff.  But it's traditional.  An orange is supposed to represent money. 

As far as our Christmas tree, I'm thinking HB can do some simple angel crafts for it.  I don't think I want to pull out every stinking ornament so it'll be sparsh.  I need to get out my lights for St. Lucy's feast day too.  But who knows what's going to happen.  We're just taking it one day at a time.

Also Hubby and I get into this discussion (and I think some friend's of mine too), but people really don't pay attention to lyrics.  At least regular people that I know don't with popular music.  Hubby was listening to his alternative and I can't remember what it was talking about only that it's not appropriate.  So I asked him did he know what the song was about.  Of course he said "no."  So we talked about how now that HB sings we need to watch what we listen to while riding in the car.  I did ask him why he likes that sort of thing if he knows the content is out there and he says he likes the music.

Sorry, Hubs and all you who don't pay that close attention, but the lyrics are a part of music.  One of my friend's who was also the organist at my church emphatically refuses to play the Bridal Chorus by Wagner.  Why?  Well it's from the opera Lohengrin and actually in the opera is performed at the end of the wedding scene.  It's talking about the bridal chamber and it's meant to also be sort of a farce since the marriage that took place is a total failure.  There's also death and paganism thrown in there for good measure.  So it's not really a good choice for a wedding.  The Church allows it, but a lot of individual parishes put restrictions on its use.

Just to put a nail in the coffin about paying attention to lyrics  here's another great article.  Apparently Rupert Murdoch thinks a requiem, which is for a funeral, makes great wedding music too.

Anyways...I guess my point is.  Pay close attention to what you are listening to.  You may realize that it's a metaphor for something else.  Like the night my husband sung some sort of song called Terra Cotta Pie and didn't realize it was a euphemism for vagina.  Yeah, that one was not romantic or funny in the least.  But Hubby thought it was a joke or something to do with roofing.  Uh, no as HB says.


  1. Going to just email it because blogger is not liking me at the moment apparently. Wouldn't let me comment on your blog or Cams. Odd. Hope all is going well & the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly/quickly!

    I thought the Church outright said no to that song, is what I was told. Either way, I knew the history and didn't want it anyway lol. I actually explained it to a friend the other day who had no clue.

    I've never heard of either the sign of the cross to speed delivery thing or the one about feast days. Now around the moon I have heard and actually believe there can be some truth to that one. It isn't always the full or new moon though, one of my cousins had all three of hers at the one quarter moon. So far mine have been at the full, we'll see if that continues lol.

  2. The moon I can see since we have tides and other phenomenon that are affected by the moon which affects us too. I know heightened stress (like scaring a person) can induce labor too.

    God works in mysterious ways, but I don't think he is formulaic. That's why I said something about it being borderline superstitious. I'm a little leery of trying to invoke God to do something. That just seems a bit sacrilegious. I don't think she intended to be so, but I'll pray that she doesn't get too carried away by that sort of thing. It's kind of like wearing a scapular or a religious medals. They are supposed to help you, act as reminders. They don't have any special powers anymore than the Mormon's special underwear.


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