Saturday, December 10, 2011

Will I make it this week?

I have my doubts that I have more than a week to go.  According to some predictions, I should go into labor tonight.  For one, tonight is a full moon and a lunar eclipse (which I believe I was admitted to the hospital for HB's birth on a lunar eclipse but that was of course a medically induced labor).  Then there's the fact that I'm smack between two major feast days (Bl. Juan and Our Lady of Guadalupe) where ironically the icon of the BVM is shown standing on the moon.  Coincidence?   I also keep an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe above our couch.  It's my favorite image because she's not depicted as a white European but rather more indigenous.  And following those feast days is St. Lucy's feast day, where she is depicted with light.

All superstitious predictions aside.  I have had three contractions in the last two days.  All of them related to HB's breastfeeding.  So my body is gearing up.  Incidentally, breastfeeding does not cause premature labor (obviously).  However, the medical community recommends based on research that if you want to get labor hormones started you should manipulate your nipples.  My son could do that for hours.  He thinks mine are meant to be tweaked (it's a habit from when he was little trying to get let down going).

Then there's all that pelvic pain and Little Brother's constant movements.  Today I told HB to tell his brother that he was all done and it was time to come out.  He signed all done and said bye.  I figure the more encouragement Bro gets the more likely he'll join the rest of us on the outside.

Then of course, I'm using my mind or rather my contemplative techniques to imagine myself in labor.  You'd think that was crazy but there has been research to suggest that women can induce labor that way too.  I mean after all it's the hormones that get secreted in the brain that cause labor.   So tonight, my goal is to sit comfortably and really get into the mind set of it.  It was a bit hard to do today over the Backyardigans theme song and HB squeals.  I should have a better go of it tonight.

My predictions:  I probably won't go much past this week.  But who knows.  Superstition aside maybe it's tonight....

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