Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've been working on posts for the other blog that I write for.  Here's my column on breastfeeding.  Please note that not all the articles are mine.

Anyways...I was looking up pictures for my next article on pumps and came across this image.  The caption claims that this is what single dads do.  Supposedly that's a man in the picture breastfeeding.  I've heard of that happening before, but never actually believed that it was possible.  I'm not sure if the image is real or not, but it's definitely breastfeeding fodder.

Here's a few articles on the topic: BabyCenter and Scientific American

Would Hubby like to try?  (I seriously doubt it.)  Although I suppose if either one of my boys gets upset, I can tell them under extreme circumstances they can make milk like mommy too.  (Although I seriously doubt that they would want to.  I mean this whole extended nursing thing creates its own silly stereotyping and potential for bullying).

Perhaps I've got an idea for a crazy new breastfeeding article for the other blog.  Thoughts?

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