Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And it's not over yet

My day has been a whirlwind.  I'm currently sitting here typing and eating cake because there is no alcoholic beverages in my house.

My day started off normal.  HB and I worked on dot numbers using this worksheet and stickers.  Mostly he just stuck stickers on the first page on the dots.  It will take a while and multiple uses for him to get his numbers.  He's not quite two yet. 

I did the dishes that had piled up over the weekend due to the business of the baptism.  And I sorted out laundry to be folded and put a way.  A task I plan on finishing after I de-stress and have my cake (and eat it too).

Everything was going fine until it got closer to lunch and then of course nap.  HB was having a bit of a melt down.  He kept hitting me and saying "ouch" minus the ch.  So I started to work on lunch, which was tv dinners.  Hey, don't judge.  Busy weekend.  Two kids with colds.  Lack of sleep.  TV dinners it is.

This one had pudding in it and I popped it in.  When it was done, I made the faux pas of putting it on the dining room table.  You'll understand why in a minute.  I called HB over for lunch.  He can climb into his booster seat himself.  His milk was also on the table.  The baby was fussing so I fetched him and when I turned around I heard the milk drop to the floor.  I sighed and then HB started screaming.  Not the kind of "I'm tired and you're a terrible Mommy" scream.  This was "I'm hurting."

I turn around to see HB shaking, screaming, and his arm covered in pudding.  Apparently he had slipped and his elbow went into the pudding.   A split second reaction and I knew that it was burning his skin.  So my first aid instincts kicked into gear.  Hey, I've burnt a few kids at day care with their meals being too hot.  It happens.  Usually though I'm not contending with an infant.

Knee, realizing that something was wrong, also kicked his instincts in high gear.  Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!  And started wailing.  I immediately put him on the floor.  What do you do when there's an emergency and you're hold an infant.  Put them some place safe even if it's the floor.  Down he went.  In the process, he grabbed my hair, another one of those infant instincts ie hold onto the adult in case you're next.  So I had to pry his hand open and simultaneously pull out my hair (which some ended up pulling out from head and not his hand) so he cried even harder.

I grabbed a nearby towel (okay don't do this this is bad 1st aid) and wiped up most of the chocolate pudding and simultaneously dragged my teary eyed toddler to the sink and turned on the cold water. 

Did it warrant a trip to the ER?  Thankfully no.  When evaluating the seriousness of the burn you need to keep several factors in mind (1st aid lesson for you).  1) How long was the person burning for?  In this case a minute tops.  2) How big is the burn?  Small area at the elbow.  3) Where is the burn?  Is it in a sensitive area like the eye?  Nope.  Just his elbow.  4) What's the color?  It's a little red like a sunburn and only a bit of skin sloughed off.  It's basically a small 1st degree burn. So the ER doc would have laughed at me and told me to go home.

After settling HB down which involved boobie (breastfeeding is the best pain reliever).  I managed to get the boys settled down and went to get something else for HB to eat because even though the pudding was cold by this point, he wasn't having it.

The phone rings...I'll let the machine get it.  It's the office of vital record ie the birth certificate office.  We have to send off for ours.  I answer the phone.  Yes, we've received your request but we have no record of Knee's birth.  What birthing center did you give birth at?  *rolling my eyes*  Apparently, they never turned in the paper work for his birth to either the state or the SSA.  She tells me to call them ASAP and that she'll send me back my stuff.  So Knee's only record of existence is the one we received two days ago: his baptismal record.  Well, at least we have that.  It could be far worse.

And that's been my day.

Yesterday was far more pleasant.  I wanted to post about that (or else my husband might get upset with me), but it's also a long story so I'll do that later.

So now you know why I'm eating cake and nursing the baby.  My other son is worse for wear and my baby wasn't "born" according to all paper work.  I wonder if this gives cause to get an extension on our taxes.

Update:  You know what they say when you assume.   Well, the birthing center called back.  They did fax off stuff.  Something is going on.  So she said she's going to call and find out what the deal is.  I'll let you know when I know.

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