Monday, January 30, 2012

Doppelganger Sheets

This weekend has not gone well for us. For starters, I got this cryptic letter from my aunt telling me that her "friend" was still in the pokey. Talking to my dad, it turns out that my aunt's long time boyfriend went psycho and bit her several times so she had him arrested. He's so nuts that they haven't been able to arraign him.

On top of that giant cake of caca, my MIL called on the morning of HB's birthday for what I thought would be to wish him a happy birthday. So I joshed her about her son refusing to answer the telephone until she bubbles out that her FIL, Hubby's grandfather, had died that morning. Which threw a whole wrench into my grand plan to take HB out in the morning for some birthday fun. Not so fun when your Hubs is getting plane tickets to go be a pall bearer at his grandpa's funeral.

And then my friend came to visit me. Despite breastfeeding it doesn't matter. I'm a fertile myrtle. Not that I should complain about it, but you know how over emotional periods can make you. They also tend to wear you down.

And the baby's been extra fussy lately.

So I threw in a load of laundry, got into it with Hubby, and sent him out to move them into the dryer. Now I remember opening a washer and saying to myself, "let's put our clothes way over here so nobody gets them mixed up because these people have similar sheets."

And lo and behold I forgot to tell Hubby. And he decided to save money and put that person's sheets into the dryer with ours. When I went to pull everything out I noticed a dress that was not mine, etc, etc. Until I realized that most of that stuff was ours and some theirs including the doppelganger sheets. What are the odds that someone has a set of twin sheets in green, a stripped pillow case from Walmart that looks like HB's sheets and a tan pillow case from JC Penney's like ours. The only way I could tell the difference was that our sheet isn't quite that green, the stripped pillow case is in HB's room because I haven't washed it, and the tan pillow case was a different size with slightly different trim. It was that confusing.

So sorry person with doppelganger sheets. We didn't really mean to make your laundry go "missing." Hope you liked the free dry. BTW nice sheets. :)

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