Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Family Unit Update

So our kids have colds again.  I've heard it's common for kids to get colds 1-4 times a year.

HB's burn has scabbed over and it looks nastier than I originally thought, but then again don't all scabs.  He's been repeating things I've been saying including phrases/short sentences.  Managed to get him to repeat "Love you."  He's also been working on his number sheet and I attempted to get him to work on some fine motor with penne pasta and pipe cleaner (stringing it on) which turned into an utter fail.  I think I'll have to bring back the "put the pasta through the holes in a box" one for a few months until he grows into stringing things.  We've also been looking through the junk mail and identifying letters.  And no I did not push him to learn his letters.  He's just a bit obsessed with them at the moment.  I want to start working on colors and shapes too, but I think that's going to require me to make a flannel board (well tack flannel on the wall).  He's great at kicking his soccer ball.  We've brought it indoors because of his cold and he's been going nuttso with it including tackling it at times.  He's a typical toddler and keeps climbing over the couch including one scary moment when he took a header off the couch.  He bounced back up.  One of these days he's going to end up in the ER.  I just know it.

Our Wii died.  Okay it's not dead dead, but it's not reading the remotes for some odd reason so we're unable to watch netflix on it.  Which is good because we watch way too much tv as it is.

Knee is growing by leaps and bounds.  He's definitely the chubby baby I've always envisioned.  He sleeps pretty predictably which is nice.  And for the most part he's calm.  He's loosing hair on the sides of his head, which I know is normal.  He's getting better with his neck and is able to turn his head and hold it up for a bit.  He's also cooing.  I don't really remember HB really cooing like this.  He cried all the time.  But I hear oo, oo and that sort of thing from time to time.  He also can pee HB under the table.  I can't believe someone so small can pee more than their brother and I'm not talking the number of times.  I'm talking it's a deluge.  One of the diapers I bought for HB is a little too small.  But HB never peed to the point of leaking through it in a couple of hours.  It snaps down to fit Knee and two hours later his onesie is wet.  *sigh*  But the spitting up has subsided so that's good.  It was getting really old really fast that I would end up with spit up down my shirt.  HB barely spit up.  I guess his stomach handled the boobie better.

Speaking of boobie, the brothers get along okay.  Well one is still an infant.  HB does try to sit on his brother and lays on him a lot to try and kiss him.  He means well.  He knows that you give kisses and hug the ones that you love.  He just doesn't understand that his brother is a lot smaller than he is.  And he also doesn't understand why his brother gets boobie more than he does.  Usually HB gets really upset and mad at me and ends up hitting me or hitting his brother if I tell him "not right now."  Ah, well.  He'll get used to it.

And Hubby is looking into getting a grant so that we can have a better income.  Knee's godfather, who is Happy's (the girl I used to watch) dad, is a planetary scientist in Florida.  He gave Hubby the idea for a project he's been interested in working on.  It's a long story, but Hubby hopes to work on it with left over samples from the project he's already assigned to.  If it works out, Hubby will be able to write a paper and list Happy's dad as the co-author.  I keep my fingers cross that it works out because having a 40 percent jump in income would be really nice.  As Hubby put it, it would be as if I took a minimum wage full time job and the kids were in day care for free.  As it stands, it look like we'll either have to live off savings until the current project is done or I go to work part time and find someone to watch the kids.  But I'm sure Hubby can pull it off.  He seems to have that sort of grace from God.

In February Hubby heads off on his business trip to obtain samples for his project.  It's only three days, but still...  He'll also be leaving in March.

And he may end up leaving sooner than all that.  He's wanting to go to his grandfather's funeral because it's expected that he's going to passing away soon.  I don't like that because I'm not sure about the expense, but I'm not going to tell him no.  I suppose to me funerals aren't so big a deal (I've been to so many).  It's being with the person while their alive that makes a difference.  I certainly hope for his grandfather's sake that his passing is quick and painless.  His health has been growing worse since I met him.

And lastly me.  I'm doing fine.  Great even.  I have a ton of energy despite having little sleep.  I don't understand it.  And the hives went away (and hopefully will never come back).  I'm not back into every single article of clothing, but I know sometimes that takes six months.  I plan on donating my hair, but we've been making dentist and eye doctor appointments so I'm not sure when in the series of events that will happen.  I haven't been to see the eye doctor since 2007.  And Hubby, who has a family history of glaucoma, hasn't been in a couple of years.  The dentist is rather important especially if your nursing.  You tend to loose calcium in your bones and develop cavities if you don't watch it (that and if you've been reading I'm rather neglectful of my oral hygiene).

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