Monday, January 23, 2012

For Cam

So, first I wanted to say how much I adore Cam.  She's been hit heavily lately with some rather nasty comments and has managed to bear it with humility and charity (something which I'm sorely lacking.  What a great model she is to me.)  So this post is for her.

A while back, I "won" (since only me and one other were interested in) her snood/headcovering patterns.  I told her that I would make one up and post the pictures for her.  And I'll give her accolades because while I can follow a pattern, I cannot make one up in my head.  I'm just not that creative.  The patterns she sent me were more like directions with photos.  They were easy enough to follow if you know enough about sewing.  I will say that the hand sewing part threw me off a bit so I'm not sure if I followed it correctly.  Cam, I just folded it according style and pulled my needle through the pleats.  Not sure if that's what you intended it, but it's working for me.  I admit when it comes to some sewing things I get confused easily.

I chose a type of fabric that's more celestial/planetary because my husband is a planetary scientist.  The fabric was intended for another project that I dropped, but it works out great as a snood.  I did modify the measurements like she suggested because I have a small head (really, hats and I are not friends) that and I didn't have enough fabric width.  I made the snood over the course of three days, which anyone else could do in a matter of an hour.  It took me that long because I had to get creative about how to find time to make it as in pinning it while propping the baby up to nurse, sewing it with the baby propped up, and that sort of thing.  I was making it for Knee's baptism which is where these photos come from.

Oh, and the snood fits great (I'm thinking it's because I fit it for my head specifically thanks to Cam's suggestions).  It's easy to put on and has minimal slippage.  I say minimal because I was wrestling with a toddler and sweating profusely during the whole ordeal so naturally it was moving around quite a bit.  Under normal circumstances I don't think it would have moved a tiny bit.

Side view.  Sorry it's a bit blurry.  The photographer wasn't exactly trying to take pictures of me.
Back view.  I was thrilled that the planet made it prominently in the middle.

Cam, you are more than welcome to steal the photos and the comments if you'd like for either your blog or Etsy.

Also in response to the whole "head covering is so not a normal Catholic thing" I have this to say.  It's making a comeback with young people.  My church in particular has a number of mantilla wearers.  I think I'm the only one who uses a snood. this baptism there was a very young couple (I'm assuming highschool age or barely graduated) having their child baptized.  Behind them were their supporting friends and one was wearing a mantilla.  The photographer managed to get a shot with her in the background.  I hope she doesn't mind seeing herself kinda blurry on the internet.  I don't like to post too many photos of strangers but it happens from time to time when out in public.

Beautiful isn't it?

So there you have it.  And now I really should attempt to get some sleep despite being so tired that I'm wired (if that makes sense).

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad to see one made! Thank you for this post! It really helped make my morning!!! :)


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