Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Liar, Liar, Take Two

Okay.  You already know about my big problem with lying to medical people.  I admit it.  I hate getting into it with doctor's who talk to you sternly about things like loosing a few pounds (which I haven't had the pleasure of dealing with as of yet) but you look them over and wonder why in their equally portly state they aren't doing the same.  So perhaps I haven't the room to talk.

I mean I've already talked about the lying receptionist (okay maybe misleading) at my new church.  You know she told me that I had to attend some sort of thing in order to register with the parish, which was phony baloney.  I sent in the form with a letter and now get parish envelopes.  Never went to their "come meet us" thing.

Now I'm in dispute with my phone company.  I'm having a little problem with their internet page (I think I might have mentioned it too.  Don't remember).  And I wanted to tell them to turn off auto payment.  I tried several times.  I mean I turned auto pay on via internet.  Anyway they sent it out and got a return check and are trying to charge me for it (lots more to explain about that but I'll discuss it later when I finally talk to a supervisor).  The lady who took my call tried to tell me that the only way to turn auto pay off was through the phone.  Liar, liar you're pants are on fire.  I can see (even on their messed up site) that that's false.  You can stop auto pay over the internet.  I plan on informing her supervisor that she lied to me.  Why do people do that?  Do they think I'm stupid or something?  Yes, it's ten bucks.  But it's my ten bucks and it's the principal of the thing.  I tried to stop it and their site doesn't work right.  I made an effort.  As far as I knew, I didn't need to contact anyone through the phone.  I set it up over the computer.  But it doesn't matter right?  She lied to me.  And you shouldn't lie to customers.  Especially not ones who for seven years used their service and paid every dang bill on time.  May I remind them that I use their competitors internet and can easily switch phone services.

Oh, and Michelle Foley, whoever you are.  Please pay your outstanding bill.  Your debt collector keeps calling me and last time I looked my name isn't Michelle or Foley.  Thanks.

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