Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Buy Made in USA

So here's my list of more stuff that you can buy made here at home.

Thirsties has come out with a new trim fitting All-in-One.  There's no elastic in the front which is great for boys like mine who manage to move male parts to overshoot the diaper.

Also check out No Nonsense.  They sell socks, tights, and panty hose.  They will also recycle them.  Most of their stuff is USA made and labeled as such.

And finally frames (and lenses) made in the USA.  I've been looking into it since I've had these frames for several years now (made in China of course) and the paint is chipping.  So I contacted the company Shuron to locate a seller in my area.  Unfortunately there isn't one, but I received this extremely helpful response.

Thank you for the interest in our frames.

We do not have any stores in your area that stock our frames. Sorry about this.

To help you out, we can send any frame(s). Most frames (new, top quality with full warranty) from us directly with regular temples (pieces that go behind the ear) are $95. Most frames with the wrap around cable temples are $115. The frames with the jewelling are $110. FedEx 2-day shipping is $12.95. Payment is via Visa or MasterCard. If you do not know your size/style/color, we can send 3-4 varying frames, only charge for one frame plus one shipping charge, let you try on the frames to evaluate and trust you to return any/all frames. There is no obligation. All is refundable except shipping.

We handle all types of lenses as well. The price is based upon your prescription
values, if any, and what features you would like. For a quote, please email your values.

If you go with the trial, after you receive the frames you can.......

- Request lenses. We start with another frame just like the one you select. We do not have to wait for any frames to be returned to begin lenses. After you receive the completed order, please return the trial frames.
- Keep none and please return the trial frames for refund less shipping.
- Keep the one you like and please return the other trial frames. We would be even.
- Request another frame/size. Shipping charges would apply.

To return frames, regular mail is fine. We recommend delivery confirmation.

To order we would need to know - do you consider yourself to be average
size, smaller or larger? If you currently wear glasses, are there any
numerical markings on them? If no markings, what is the total width and height of your current frames when you measure with a ruler? Which color(s)? Then - Visa or MC # with the expiration date and the billing/shipping addresses. You can email the info. or call
800-242-3636  Monday-Friday 9-5 Eastern time. Our secure location for sending credit info. is . The entire form is secure and the info. can be entered in the "Comments" section.




  1. US diapers.... Sigh. I am so disappointed in Thirsties its not even funny. I suppose its good I can't comment straight on your page because of that. I don't want to come across wrong. We had some with K and they were awesome. They lasted forever. We didn't have the best wash routine and they still stood up to it. It wasn't until about the time ZJ was born (or right before) when the stinking borax wore them down... We got the new ones for him and have babied them like crazy (I learned my lesson!) and within months they're unusable. I looked into it and its not under a warantee because they say PUL breaking apart is user error. It makes me sad because I really liked them. But... most of the ones we use now are US made (WAHM no less) and I'm very happy with them so far. Gone through so much in our CD journey lol. Gotta love it though :-D

  2. No offense taken. I've noticed that we have some staining on the gussets, but they've held up well. I don't like the duo diapers at all so I wonder about these new ones. And there are problems with the aplix stitching which is why I prefer the snaps. As long as they don't leak, I'm okay. I found Bummis, made in Canada, to withstand the test of time better.

    Bought some Smartipants, also USA made. There supposed to run 6-35 lbs. HB is 25 lbs and the rise is just too short for him to wear them. They fit Knee really well though.

    Knees's got chubby legs so I haven't had the leak problems with any diapers that I had with HB, which is why I liked the Thirsties because of the trimmer fit. The Bummis I bought, that HB leaked through constantly, fit Knee very well. In fact Knee has grown so much that he grew through the newborn size that I had to buy for HB (despite being in the right weight for a size small) within a week or two. We bought them for HB because we needed something trimmer. I really didn't need them in other words for Knee.

    (Sorry if I don't make sense. I'm a bit sleep deprived and balancing the baby on my knee lol.)


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