Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Shirts Have Shrunk

Oh, the inevitable has occured.  I've raided my pre-pregnancy clothes hoping that they would fit.  And they do sorta, although I still prefer my pjs because they are looser and I'm still rather itchy.  The hives are slowly subsiding but get worse when wearing something more form fitting or when I'm hot.

I've tried on a few of my nursing tanks and they somewhat fit.  They sorta shrunk at the top.  More of me is spilling over than ever before.  I'm sure you've picked it up by now.  The shirts didn't shrink and it's not that I haven't gotten back to a reasonable size.  It's more like my cup spillith over.  Okay, I'll be more blunt than that.  I look like a stripper.  I look like a short brunette Barbie doll with a normal sized waist-line.  I'm starting to look like I raided Madonna's cone-shaped top wardrobe from the 90s.  That nursing momma who donned that million dollar bra at the Victoria's secret Fashion Show has got nothin' on me.  I look like I went and had a visit with a plastic surgeon.  Get the picture?  I'm rather enjoying these not so subtle metaphors.

But's the price you pay.  I used to be a B cup now I'm looking more like a double DD.  I blame it on my kids.  :)

Other than that we've had some interesting developments.  My mother-in-law aka Grammie came the picture of health all charged up to do the most favorite thing that she loves to do, cook, and left miserably coughing with a cold more interested in getting us take-out.  I felt so bad for her.

We also had an issue with our car battery.  Apparently a person, who shall remain nameless, forgot to turn the reading light off and the battery died.  But we decided to replace it anyway since it dies every two years or so.  Said nameless person decided to replace it himself amid much consternation and cursing.  At least he didn't miss work.

And Hubby thinks that Knee (that's my youngest's nickname from his older sibling) has a sinus infection now.  He's insisting that the congestion is too much and thinks another pedi trip should be had soon.  Poor Knee and his yeast infection is just now clearing up.  It's so not cool to spend most of your young life battling things.

And I've pulled out the 0-3 month clothing which I'm sure fits really well now.  I've been a strung out junky from fatigue and haven't felt up to it.  But it's time we establish a family routine and get used to it.  At least Knee is sleeping 3 hours at a time.

Oh, thought this was funny.  And you think jail is tough.  Try giving up all wordly pleasures.  Surely there's another joke hidden in this story somewhere.


  1. first- congrats on the new baby!

    about the battery- do you have AAA- you can call them and they bring a battery and install it for free- I've done this twice

  2. nope no AAA. My husband is actually decent with cars. He just naturally curses every time he has to deal with them. Thankfully my MIL was around and had gotten a rental. Otherwise he would have had to bum a ride from a neighbor or work buddy or slogged it to the bus.

    We did have two cars, but we got rid of one and this is the price you pay with only one vehicle. Thankfully we have public transit and live really close to the lightrail. Hubby usually bikes into work, but a car battery is a little too heavy to bike with.


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