Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh, I believe in Yesterday

So Yesterday, I got up in the morning and took charge of things.  I left the children with Hubby (he takes Mondays off) and went to the bank and the store.  Then I was going to work on laundry until Hubby told me to read some article while he threw in the loads which sparked off The Conversation.  We've been meaning to have this particular conversation for a while.  It's not a bad conversation; just one of reevaluation and growth.  I'm sure all married couples can relate.  There are all those stages you go through and this conversation was about that.  It was good; it was needed; but it was exhausting.

By this point both the kids were awake from nap, so Hubby reheated leftovers and I managed to sit on the couch and veg.  Hubby sits down and this is what was so great about yesterday.

Me:  I need to get up and work on the dishes and laundry.

Hubby:  Those aren't the three most important things right now.

Me:  What?  *frantically going through the to-do list in my head.  what did I miss that was so important?  did if forget an errand?  a chore?*

Me:  What did I miss?  What's so important?

Hubby:  *starts to tick them off on his fingers* Well, you need to eat something.  Then you need to take a bath or a shower.  Which one do you want?

Me:  *thinks for a second* a bath

Hubby:  Good.  You need to relax.  And then you need to go brush your teeth.

Me:  *groan*  Do I really smell that bad?

Hubby:  No, you just need to stop taking care of the rest of us and go take care of yourself.

Me:  Okay.  *decide it's better not to argue since he's not arguing for me doing the dishes over say brushing my teeth*

I saunter over to the kitchen and get something else besides leftovers because I'm totally lame.  Then I go head to the tub and grab reading material on the connection between Petocin-induced labors and autism.  I sink into the tub thinking this is what Hubby means by relax.  Meanwhile outside Hubby holds down the fort.

About ten minutes later, the door opens.  I'm thinking this means Hubby is getting something.  I look up and he's holding a glass on a salad plate.  In the glass is some yellow liquid substance with four dark chocolate Hershey's kisses, which were a joke from earlier when Hubby wrote on the shopping list to buy kisses for Hubby.  He mean to give him kisses.

Me:  Is that juice?

Hubby:  Not exactly.  *sets it down on the side of the tub*

By this point, my sniffer can figure it out.

Me:  Oh, it's wine.

Hubby nods and exists the room.

I say all this because I rant an awful lot, too much about all the crap that goes on around here.  And Hubby has pointed out that it's totally all one sided and I do not talk about anything nice he does.  And he's right.  I don't and I should.  So that's why this post.  My husband does pay attention and he can think of doing nice romantic things all on his own (without spousal hints).

Thanks Hubs.  It was nice.  Made my weekend.

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