Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Potty Training

HB is about to be two.  Yikes!  And while I have no plans to push the potty, he knows how to open the lid to our toilet, put in the insert, and sit fully clothed on the toilet.  I might have shown him 2-3 times.  But he's done it all on his own about that much.  I think he needs a potty seat and other potty accessories. 

So from all my years of potty training other people's kids, I admit that I'm nervous.  I'm so used to working with what I've got.  To they push a reward system?  Is the kid interested or not?  Do they use cloth or pull-ups?  I now have to decide for myself.

And the verdict has been to let HB train himself.  I introduce what these things are and how we use them (like the insert) and he can take over at his own pace.

But that also means an investment in more cloth so that he can pull his clothing up or down.  I figure I can wait it out until the summer, but buy him that potty seat for him to slowly get used to the idea.  Plus he's not shown any interest in trying to put his clothes on or off himself (other than to kick his pants off during a diaper change or unvelcro a diaper).  I'm still looking into matters.  I looked at some plastic pants from Gerber that everybody who used reusable used.  The undies are great and non-Chinese.  The pants were made in China.  And the nice ones sold in the states are a bit expensive.

So I'm thinking I'll buy some of those padded underwear trainers and Bummis whisper pants, which are made in Canada, unless I can find something that's good and equally affordable.  They have a trainer that hasn't gotten great reviews. 

Also hope I won't have to deal too much with night time training.  I've never had to deal with that.  Fortunately neither myself nor Hubby were bed wetters.  So theoretically there's only a 15 percent chance of that happening to either one of our kids.  Bed wetting is mostly genetic.  If you have one parent who did so, it's 44% likely your child will and if both parents then 77%.  So once their night trained, we shouldn't have anymore problems.  My boss had a bed wetter (he was 8), but she didn't make a big deal of it.  He just wore those night time pull-up things for older kids.

Oh, and here's an article I wrote about it.  Obviously, it's on my brain.  I suppose that's bound to happen with two in diapers.

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  1. Ooo wait it might (possibly) let me comment!

    We got Gerber ones w/out the plastic pants. Totally not waterproof but not as bad as straight underwear.

    Kalila has finally caught on... ZJ is about half trained (by himself) and it just amazes me lol. I'm not getting too attached to the idea w/ his age and the baby coming, but its been nice.


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