Thursday, January 26, 2012

Toothbrushes and Snoods

The reason why I don't brush my teeth all that often...well aside from being forgetful because unless my teeth feel gritty I don't notice.  My toddler has an obsession with toothbrushes.  Imagine sitting down with your toothbrush in hand and toothpaste.  You start to squeeze on a dab and your toddler zooms in the room.  Next thing you know he's trying to pry the toothbrush out of your hand so he can use it.  But you tell him no that it's yours.  He screams no himself and starts having a fit complete with banging his head against the bathroom cabinets or the floor.  He's so mad he's shaking.  And that is why I refrain from brushing my teeth in front of my toddler.  Because he loves to brush his teeth and he thinks every toothbrush in the house is his.

Oh, he's got three toothbrushes of his own, but that doesn't matter. I could hand him his toothbrush, but that never works.  He's a typical kid.  He always wants what he can't have.

Now daddy can brush his teeth without nearly all that trouble.  I don't understand why that is with kids.  Even my mother complained.  If we had a scary dream at night, we'd wake her up and never dad.  I don't know why it was that way, but it was.  I'm sure it's the same thing here.  Daddy's toothbrush is either not as cool as mom's or he thinks that he and mommy share everything.

Sure I could let this go on for days and he'd probably get over it.  That is until one day I accidentally leave my toothbrush next to the sink.  But there are some things a mom needs to do by herself.  Heck, if I can't poop by myself in peace, then I think the least I can do is shower and brush my teeth by myself.  There has to be some line in the sand.

Switching gears...

I've noticed that people have been looking at my snood.  I'm wondering if it's Cam showing it off or if it's just become of interest to people.  Don't know which.  But if your curious about how all this head covering started here's where I started giving it a shot.  About two years ago.  Why?  Well, you can read it for yourself.

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