Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Slogans Against HHS Mandate

Please note that these are meant to be tongue in cheek.  I realize that this whole thing is serious, but we all need a laugh everyone once in a while.

Top 7 Anti-HHS Mandate Slogans You Will Find at a Picket Location Near You

President Obama
Your Health Care Plan Stinks Like a Llama

We won't break the bank
So you can act like a skank
(probably not very charitable, but that's humor for you)
We won't pay for you to abort
So we'll see you in court
(referring to the wave of law suits that have been recently filed)

I won't pay for your womb
To be someone else's tomb

Keep your ovaries 
off my rosaries
(someone else's; meant to be a play on the pro-abortion crowds chants)

Let Freedom ring
And strike down that HHS Mandate thing
(meant to be supportive of bill Right's of Conscience)

This won't do
This won't fly
Even Jesus won't qualify
(meaning the "exceptions" supposedly in the mandate don't work)

Of course we could always go with the classic, hey hey ho ho HHS Mandate's got to go.

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Update:  Still think that it's totally applicable.  Who does Obama think he's fooling?  You pay for the insurance.  It's just a more indirect way to violate one's conscience.  It sickens me that some Catholic groups are approving this charade.   

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  1. For anyone going to an anti-HHS rally, you might like to use this little chant:

    One, two, three, four
    Pay for your own birth control!
    Five, six, seven, eight,
    Get rid of that horrid mandate!


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