Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Again my apologies

I offer my apologies to the men again.  You see my family also reads this blog and thus keeps up with my medical status.  That and the side bar should forewarn you that I talk about breastfeeding a lot.  It's a Catholic mom thing.

So today, I thought that I had a sore nipple, which turned into a plug milk duct.  But after about an hour of posting, I wanted to curl up into the fetal position so I naturally called my husband and begged him to come home.  Then I floated in the bath tub trying to get some relief.  I also called the local 24 hour hotline and asked the lady her advice.  Was this mastitis or just a plugged duct?  I didn't have a fever and no odd discharge, but I felt horrible and my boob was turning red.

I should mention that I don't hold anything back.  You've noticed my husband has a quirky sense of humor which I love about him (sometimes, sometimes it goes too far) and share in it.  If I thought that it was okay for people, I'd discuss my sex life, but I think you might find that a bit too much.  My husband has divulged personal information on that side and I've reigned him in since I don't think our face-to-face friends want to hear that either.  We don't hold things back.  My poor children are in for it.  If Hubby won't gross them out then I'm sure that I will.

Anyways....back to the story.  So my husband came home and we quickly made an appointment.  Fearing that is was the beginnings of mastitis, which feels like the flu hence the wanting to curl up into the fetal position, I wanted to get an appointment as soon as possible to get antibiotics.  It's very rare that I get fever.  I naturally have a low temperature (97.8 or something along those lines) so any feeling of achyness is not good.  I knew I was in trouble when one spring afternoon in Tucson (which would mean hot weather), I got off of work, got myself in my car, and didn't bother rolling down the windows or turning on the ac.  I actually felt better.  Turns out it was a fever (high for me) and I had mono.

So after I put on winter jammies in 70 degree F, I curled under the blanket and kept feeding my little ones to try to unjam that darn duct.  I think I've finally achieved since my breast doesn't feel so bad when I brush it up against something.  However, I recently took my temp and sure enough it's a low grade.

Dang you Mastitis!

Also have a blister on my nipple.  That's actually good because I know that it was a nasty milk duct that go infected and that if it's not completely drained it's close too.

The achy feeling is getting better, but I could do with some rest and antibiotics.  I think having Hubby around is a nice pain killer.  I couldn't bear having to deal with two children feeling like that.

So I hope that nobody feels this way ever because it's like the flu without all the congestion but the added bonus of horrible looking boob that hurts.  My scientific brain is relishing this even though I don't like it.  Sounds like a great post for the Natural Family Today blog.

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  1. Ugh. Mastitis. Antibiotics do help a lot. I had it once, years ago and by the time I went in they said that if I'd waited one more day they would have had to operate because it was turning into an absess (on the inside). I hope you're feeling better really quickly (the sign that I had that it was going in a bad direction was that my entire breast turned rock hard, starting with a little lump that grew to the entire thing). If it starts to grow instead of shrinking definitely go in! Prayers for a quick recovery! It's just no fun!


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