Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And the hits just keep on

So today Hubby and HB are supposed to be boarding a plane to go to Hubby's grandfather's funeral.  Hubby is supposed to be a pall bearer and give the eulogy.  I say supposed to because well...last night HB started throwing up.  Sometimes he does with a cold.  He threw up all over the couch and himself.  So we sent him to bed a while later thinking that it was his usual cold thing...until

Until a couple hours later he woke up have vomited a little bit later.  And then after straightening that out.  Hubby was holding him and he spit a little more up.  He went to sleep and was fine.  Hubby and I went to bed exhausted and I figured that was it.  The accumulated snot, which all toddler end up eating even when you tell them not to even when you chase them down to wipe their nose, was out of his system.  Was I right?

No, this morning Hubby went and got us breakfast.  HB ate it and not too much later he pucked again.  And it was strange because he was fine just wanting to climb in my lap when out it came.  All over the carpet.  So that was that.  No, plane trip.

Top that off with another small child spewing all over me (massive spit up).  I feel worn out a bit.  Hubby stayed home even though he could have worked a half day.  He'll go into work tomorrow.  He wants to work extra hours in order to accumulate sick/vacation time faster especially since we have this credited plane ticket in his and HB's name.  And they're such sticklers.  You have to redeem them together.

Oh, caught this news article: 

Pfizer recalls 1 million packets of US birth control pills

I click on it thinking "oh finally someone is realizing that these things are deaths waiting to happen." Um, not really. No they're being recalled because of a manufacturing/packaging error. Apparently the placebos are in the wrong spot and so they are being recalled because of *gasp* "packaging error that could put women at risk of unintended pregnancy." Oh, the horror!Yea, gats! A woman can get pregnant! Really! I just didn't realize that having indiscriminate sex meant that you could have a baby! Oh, wow! Maybe they should put that on the package. Wait...they do.It's listed under "rates of efficacy." 


Seriously people.  Birth controls are not fool proof.  If you're doing it, regardless of what methods you use for prevention, you run the risk.  Deal with it or don't do.  It's that simple.  I can't for the life of me understand why people are making such a big deal over "you'll get pregnant."  Like it's a disease.  Just tell women to throw the darn things out (and not down the toilet please) and forewarn them of the higher risk.  But seriously if they don't know that there is always, always a "risk of unintended pregnancy."  Then they are dumb or uninformed 

Editors note: Oh, I give up; I can't figure out what's wrong with the spacing.


  1. Blogger's note: This was e-mailed to me.

    I'll do it here since I don't want to seem as though I don't support you.

    "... these things are deaths waiting to happen." I'm a bit perplexed. Yes they have side effects that sometimes result in deaths... so do cars. Yet we find the convenience of transportation to outweigh the risk of death. Same thing with birth control. You can disagree with taking them (just as the Amish disagree with driving cars), but why mock people who do?

    And I'm also surprised your getting so upset over a recall. If parachutes designed for recreation skydiving were found to have a malfunction, people would get upset about that and want them recalled. Skydiving is not 100% safe even when done with proper equipment, but that doesn't mean we should use defective equipment, you want to make the risk as low as possible.

    I understand you oppose birth control, but I don't understand why you have to keep bad mouthing it over and over. If we had Amish neighbors, would you really think it is okay for them to bad mouth the fact that you drive a car when you're not around?

    To me it seems like you're really getting close to stepping over the line here. Kind of like "not eating with the tax collectors" to make a reference to the bible.

    1. Hubs- It's fine; you could have posted it instead of e-mailed it. Although I do appreciate that you were concerned about it, it's not personal. So I don't take it personally.

      The difference between a car and a pill is that pills are unnecessary. You don't need to to stop your fertility. It's not broken unlike other medications. The car analogy isn't compilable since all modes of transportation carry a risk yet they are needed if you plan on working outside your home, going to get groceries, going to Mass, etc. Sure the Amish get around just fine. They also get into accidents too. Their beef is with technology; not with death. And the pill leads to blood clots and cancer which is my biggest beef. Not to mention there is some (although widely disputed) research that the pill causes spontaneous abortions. Again the pill isn't really necessary. I have posted about the few acceptions in which it is necessary, but for most of us it simply isn't.

      The difference, here, though is not about their effectiveness to prevent anemic bleeding for example but rather whether or not they will prevent an unplanned pregnancy. And there's nothing wrong with pregnancy (and if you're thinking that there is, that's another topic for another time).

      I'm not mocking people who do take them. I've never specified a person only directed my comments toward the idiocy of the article. I'm sure that there are well informed users and hopefully there are more well informed women then there aren't. The article makes it sound like these women are stupid. Since placebos are typically a different color than the other pills, I'm sure a number of women have already figured out the error which is why there was the recall. Many women skip the placebos anyway since they really only allow for anovulatory bleeding.

      And your analogy with skydiving~ Well said. It's a good analogy. People can choose to skydive just like taking the pill and having sex. You want the equipment to work right yes. With skydiving you can die and with the pill you can die too. The thing is, though, people spew this kind of rhetoric that taking the pill carries the same risks as taking aspirin. And this is simply not true. Furthermore you take an aspirin to relieve pain which having a headache isn't normal. You take the pill to prevent a period or to have a baby, which fertility is normal. Our bodies are designed to have children when coupled with sex. So God intended that the only times we wouldn't have a baby is if we didn't have sex. And that's the difference.

      I bad mouth it because I get tired of people being deceived. Perhaps your right in that I could be a bit tamer about it rather than hopping mad, and in future I will tone it down a bit and direct it more to the idiocy of the articles, which was my intent but must have missed the mark. My apologies to the offended BC user.

      I'm sure the Amish do bad mouth. We're not perfect. And I certainly am not. That would be impossible.

      As for the "not eating with the tax collectors" that would imply that I don't hang out with people who are less than perfect. Not true. Knee's godfather and his wife practice birth control rather proudly. Do I stand high and mighty and render judgement? No. I pray and try to lead by example. It's my hope that eventually they will baptize their own children, but I can't force my "brand" of Catholicism on their family. All I can do is cheerfully talk about NFP (and please in future don't brow beat it).

      Even if they prefer to not use NFP strictly it's as the ob said, when you follow NFP you're more in tune with your body. Shouldn't everyone want to notice if something is wrong? I mean dermatologists suggest keeping an eye on strange spots and docs tell you to do self-breast/testicular exams. Why not learn this for over-all health? And why isn't at least being taught as such? That's all I ask.


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