Friday, February 24, 2012

Buy Used, Save the Difference

The Duggards have a motto "Buy used, Save the Difference."  And it's totally true.  Remember how I told you that I got the mother load of toys including two electronic ones.  They were priced for 3.99 dollars each at my local Goodwill.

Here's their retail price:  Touch and Teach Turtle- On sale at Vtech (manufacturer site) for 15.99  Amazon listing 29.90

Rumble and Learn Driver- Listing Price on Manufacturer Site (Fischer Price) 26.00, Amazon listing 39.95

Now my math is a little shoddy, but I would say that I saved more than half the cost of each toy.  I would wager to guess that I paid 1/3-1/4 of the original cost.  And they are in pristine condition and work really well.  I'm guessing their kids had way too many toys already and were bored of these so they donated them rather than doing the garage sale route.  All I had to do was pick through a pile of stuffed animals, trucks, etc to find them.  Cost me very little time and effort.

Oh, best time to buy toys- after Christmas.  People clean out the closets by that point and get rid of toys their kids have either outgrown or grown bored of.  HB's birthday is at the end of January so it works out real well for our family.  HB gets someone else's Christmas de-stash and Knee gets all the toys HB has outgrown.  If you don't have a January baby, you can still get in on the action.  Go buy for Epiphany instead of Christmas.  Most people don't celebrate Epiphany.  Spring is also another good time because whatever people can't sell at the garage sales, they donate although the merchandise is sometimes in poor condition.

And yes they are made in China but they were bought used at Goodwill, which still falls into my "okay" category.  I now need to go check out our local St. Vincent de Paul and see what they carry.  I usually buy used toys and clothes and stuff anyway and I have three thrift stores in my area.  St. Vincent is the last I haven't run around in.  Really to find the right kind of stuff for your kids you just have to find a thrift store close to where a lot of families live.  Plus a lot of these type stores (St. Vincent and Goodwill) use the funds to help others.  So it's totally win-win.

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