Friday, February 17, 2012

Going Back to Normal

My mastitis is getting tons better.  First off it helped that I unclogged the duct.  One of the things the doctor checked for was an abscess which I didn't have.  This seems to happen particularly if you let it go for too long.  I came in early enough (because I know an awful lot about my own body and these things to know not to play around with this) that I knew we could knock it out sooner before it got worse.

My boob doesn't hurt anymore although I'm still careful about it.  I also am trying to take it easy despite feeling that I'm being too lazy.  And most of the redness has disappeared.  So that's all good.

I am worried about the meds.  The baby has been a bit fussy today, but that could be for any reason.  He does fight sleep periodically.  I researched the meds and as far as I can tell they go through breast milk but are considered harmless for the most part.  I imagine if you or your baby were allergic to penicillin then it wouldn't be harmless.  The pharmacist told me watch for diarrhea.  I almost wanted to ask him exactly how I was supposed to do that.  EBF babies (exclusively breast fed babies) have very loose watery stools on occasion.  So I'm looking out for rashes, swelling, and fussiness.  Those are other signs of allergic reaction.

Funny thing when I went to see the doctor.  The nurse came in to take my blood pressure (which was normal but high for me).  She asked me what I was in for.  "Mastitis."  I told her.  "What's that?"  A medical professional doesn't know what that is?  Keep in mind this was a general doctor not an ob/gyn or anyone who specializes in women's health.  So I suppose it's not all that common that a woman goes to a general doctor for mastitis versus her ob/gyn.  "It's a breast infection."  I replied.  "Oh, you mean with like breastfeeding," she said.  I nodded.  "Okay." and she left the room.

Thankfully the doctor knew what it was and what to check for even though his nurse had no clue (or maybe she's a doctor's assistant which is a little lower in training than a nurse).  He was nice about it.  Took one look at it and said "Yep, it's mastitis."  Didn't bother taking my temperature (although he asked).  Simply touched it to check for the abscess and the heat and sent out an electronic script for antibiotics.

So I should be back to my usual cantankerous self in the next couple of days.

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