Sunday, February 26, 2012

How's it Going?

Touch and go really.  Well as far as prayer is concerned.  The first night Hubby had to remind me, but ever since I've been good about hovering over the dining room table with HB's plate in hand and praying out loud before setting it down.  If I don't hold his plate, he will start eating complete oblivious to what's happening.  One day I will be able to set my own plate down and sit and pray.  But it won't be any time soon.

I've been taking Knee to Mass by myself.  Hubby is tired of toddler wrestling and there aren't any volunteers for nursery.  So we've been considering taking on the position.  This would mean that I have to go to Mass still by myself.

Also been implementing our family rosary time.  Hubby doesn't participate (I've never asked him truthfully).  And HB barely participates.  What I did was download some audio rosary and burn it to a cd (otherwise the 'pu would have been too much for HB).  Then I play the tracks.  It works wonders because it keeps me on track and keeps HB from being able to interrupt too much.  I tried to use my rosary beads at first and even gave HB his own cheapy came in the mail set, but he broke his and tried to grab at mine.  So I've resorted to using my fingers.  I suppose the solution to this demo-toddler situation is to get a knotted rosary.  I think they are little less easy to destroy.

We've also had a play date with a neighbor whose son is 5 months younger than HB.  The boys get along well.  And Hubby gets along with the parents (but he has better social skills).  I try.  But the most social awkward thing has come about.  It's obvious that I'm Catholic and we've had that talk.  You know the one where religion comes up.  Yeah.  Awkward.  The husband was raised Catholic and such but considers himself to be Daoist.  Okay.  He's not really been taught his faith well enough I suppose.  But he embraces something.  I suppose I should roll up my apologetics sleeves and wait for the opportunity.  The wife, on the other hand, described her self as "a mix."  Basically she explained that she picks and chooses aspects of faith that conform to what she agrees with.

Oh, so many thoughts run through my head.  The first one is that's how Protestant denominations are largely formed.  People disagree with x,y,z interpretations and so they make their own church.  The problem with this kind of thinking is how does one know what's right and wrong if the guide is internal and not external.  If you pick and choose your own moral compass, whose to say what's right and wrong.  With that logic you could say that being a cannibal is okay because it's what you agree with or how you feel in your heart.

Granted I like the spirituality of Catholicism.  I am, after all, a contemplative Catholic.  But that's my relationship with God.  It's not how I judge the world or make moral decisions.  I'm much more logical than that.  One needs an external authority figure to help make judgement calls otherwise you run into someone who disagrees.  So which is right or wrong?  And it's not hard to find yourself in a whose right or wrong situation.  I run into people all the time who think birth control is morally neutral.  Without the Church as my hard hitting not going to change it's tune guide, I've had to as many others concede that she knows what's best.

But people can't seem to separate the two: the logical moral following/teachings from the spiritual feelings.  It's like being in love in outer space.  Without the laws of gravity to hold you in place, you're liable to keep floating away in ecstasy.  And I just can't simply understand why people think that's okay.

She's a very knowledgeable intelligent logical lady.  We talked about everything from fantasy novels to recycling.  I pray that she figures out that using yourself as your own moral compass is not really a moral compass at all.

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