Thursday, February 23, 2012

Into my Third Year

I'm into my third year of blogging and I've realized that although I've been at it for nearly three years very few people realize that I exist.  Oh, I've had a few mentionings on other people's blogs.  My stats have shot up from time to time, but no one has stuck around to read The Drivel.  There are way too many bloggers who have 200 plus followers and I have only 15.

So what's the deal?  Am I too crass?  Is it because I don't have a million friends on facebook (I don't have any if you wanna know.  That's on purpose.  I've never friended anyone).  But then I've read Joe's blog Shamless Popery and I think he was writing it for me.

He's written a post about how to make your blog successful and one of the things he says you need to do is have a theme or a purpose to your blog.  People don't want to go to a blog about cooking and read about politics in other words.

Okay I get it.  I'm eclectic.  It's taken me a long time to figure out my path.  So I'm going to narrow it down (after two years of writing about a plethora of topics at least it's all non-fiction stuff cause those fiction blogs exist too).  I'm going to focus my blog on my family and all the Catholic things that relate to it.

I kinda do that anyway.  The sole focus for my no more Made in China campaign has to do with caring about other people, which is what I want to teach my kids.  And I write about a lot of moral teachings.  But I need to channel and angle all that stuff.  It needs to be focused more about how it applies to my family and why I do it.

At least I hope that will keep more people interested in The Drivel.  Maybe you've got a better idea about why people don't click on the 'follow' button.

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