Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Mother load

This was HB's birthday cake.  Can you tell that it's Bob the Tomato?

Well, it's been a rather rough week, but we've made it.  Hubby catches a plane in a few hours for his business trip.  He'll be gone for three days roughly.

HB's birthday went well.  His Grammie sent him a care package of a foam football, which he adores.  And he got some of those special crayola markers that only work on that special paper.  We didn't really get him anything.  I got him a coloring book, made him a cake, and our friends bought him some really cool color pencils (they are triangular so they don't roll of the table) and a book.  So I didn't get him anything because we all know with toddler the nostalgia wears off quickly. 

But Hubby's going to be out of town so I went and got the mother load of toys from goodwill for all of 30 dollars.  They include *taking deep breath* a soft book with a baby that you move around called Babe (I figure it can be shared between brothers), a soft block (random thing), a car, some wood blocks (not a complete set but who cares), those foam floor puzzle things (missing pieces but again who cares), a bunch of animals, some more of those special markers, an electric toy that makes like your driving a car, a car track (need to get small enough cars for it first), cookie cutters (because all the ones I find are MIC), 10 mini containers of MIC playdough (I can make my own but I thought what the hell), another electric gizmo that reads like a book, and a complete Peanuts nativity set (Woodstock is playing the baby Jesus).  Turns out the nativity set is probably not good for him now since you could easily snap the heads off.  So it will be saved for Christmas time since he'll be nearly three then.  Although he'll have to keep his 1 year old brother away from it.

I haven't turned around his car seat.  Don't figure that will happen until he's three because they recommend 2 years and 40 lbs.  HB is 25 lbs now.  His brother, who is a Chunky Monkey, will have no problem with that I imagine.  He's so big that he's out distancing HB when HB was the same age.

My next goal is to get some foam pieces for the bathtub (make shapes with) and some felt for a felt board of sorts.  I also want to make them Lambkin's for Easter.

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