Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Plugged Milk Ducts

My apologies to the guys who read this blog.  This is a women thing so unless you're into that sort of thing you may just want to bow out of this post.

I have a plugged duct somewhere in my left boob.  It fraking hurts.  It's in their pretty deep.  Makes carrying the baby on that side horrible and of course my toddler things wrestling around with Mom today is a great idea to.  I'm using all the tricks.  Feed baby on that side alot.  Switch positions often.  Try pumping.  Massaging.

These things have helped somewhat because now I have a lump close to my nipple.  Still working it out though.  Should rest, but when I want to feel better I try everything instead of wait for time to work itself out.  Yeah, I know.  Bad idea.

And I'm supposed to be going to hear a speaker tonight.  Fun. fun. fun.

Baby waking up.  Gotta get this thing worked out.

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