Monday, February 20, 2012

Rights? aka Sticking My Nose in It

The fur is truly flying over the HHS mandate from both sides.  I've been looking at some of the arguments from the opposing side and I gotta say well...well...this.

You say that it is a woman's right to have access to birth control (in this case free birth control) well quite frankly it's not.  The Constitution of the United States, the highest law of the land upon which other laws cannot supersede, does not guarantee the right to health care.  It does say things like "promote the general welfare" and guarantees a right to "life" but beyond that it speaks nothing of health care especially not that of birth control access.  However, the Constitution does say in the 1st Amendment that Congress shall "not impede the free exercise of" religion.  So I guess if we're keeping a score board that would be right to birth control = 0, Catholic church (among others) = 1.

So if a person is looking for the right to birth control here are a few suggestions.

1) Move to a country in which health care is guaranteed as a right.  You have several English-speaking choices including Canada and the UK.

2) Petition Congress to make health care a guaranteed right in the Constitution.  As it stands the right to birth control is not a right and therefore is not on par with the right to practice your religious beliefs which is in the Constitution.

But I'll reiterate.  There is not a guaranteed right to birth control or access to health care as it stands.  Certainly there are laws that make health care more accessible (at least for those who work).  But it's not a right.  Sorry.

I've also heard a few deplorable rumors, falsities, paranoid delusions really flying about.  Please note the below is dripping with sarcasm.

1) The Catholics are trying to get rid of anyone's access to birth control.- See above if you think this is a right.  But yes, the Pope in his popishness sent out a memo to all the dear Bishops of the USCCB who then sent it to all their priests, who then read it to all the laity from the pulpit.  It's a giant conspiracy that we're trying eradicate all the world's birth control.  That's totally why we're paying for some women, who need it for medical purposes only, to receive it.  It's totally true.  We're so good at covering this whole thing up that despite the huge number people who have heard this alleged memo only you know about it and the main stream (liberal-leaning) media is completely unaware.

2) Catholics are all about baby-making.  They are trying to take over the world.- Sadly this rumor has been around for so long that there are Catholics who actually believe this.  Yes, it's totally true.  We believe that we need more Catholics in the world so we spend all our efforts at making them.  The whole celibate unmarried priesthood and unmarried nuns gave us away.  Oh, forget that part about infertile couples not being able to use IVF as a means to perpetuate the population.  All of that will be over-turned soon by his Holiness because our entire goal is to over take the world with our Catholic spawn.

What utter nonsense and rubbish.  If anyone truly believes these paranoid delusions, I suggest that you go find a good shrink.  They help with these sorts of things you know.

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