Thursday, February 16, 2012

What about the Men?

Last night when I couldn't sleep because I hurt so bad, I got to thinking about my fleshing out of the letter.  What about men's services?  Why aren't they there?

Just to double check I clicked on the link about services offered for free through the new mandate.  There are three categories: general health, health for women, and health for children.  Other than STDs and STI exams, there isn't anything there related to men's reproductive health.  Specifically prostate exams aren't covered.  And why is that?

As I tossed and turned and pondered some more.  It hit me.  The reason it isn't there is because of money.  NARAL and PP are in the back pocket of the White House.  And there organizations are all about contraceptive services.  Even PP doesn't provide mammograms.  If you go to a PP, they will give a referral.  That's it.

So if they can't even care about women's preventative health services that have nothing to do with babies, then they really don't care about men's health.

Furthermore, they are riding on scare tactics.  Too many babies in this world will equal environmental issues (false), higher pay outs to welfare (false there's a cap actually), etc. etc. etc.  The bleeding heart liberals spend all this time worrying over matters of money.

Okay so let's talk money.  In a few years there will be more people drawing social security then there will be people working to pay for it.  The baby boomer generation, the largest generation in our country, is retiring.  And we're contracepting ourselves out of a worker class.  So it would seem to me that the pro-contraceptive crowd has two options to fix this problem:  1) fix social security which would most likely mean eliminate it or 2) go have sex and make more babies.  I vote for making more babies.  Way more fun.  But if you want the head ache of fixing social security (which incidentally has been worked on for decades), then be my guest.  I plan on making more babies.  So far I've contributed two of them and we aren't on welfare or any government assistance.  We're the solution not the problem.

Moving right along....if it's truly all about eliminating babies and not about reproductive services (which I'm sure it is) at the very least we should be providing services for men.  Are men not worthy of having their testicles fondled by a physician (okay examined I'm being tongue in cheek)?  No of course not.  PP is all about women; they don't care about the fathers or their rights or their reproductive health.  Let's just lob off a few testicles due to cancer and eliminate more babies.  Because hell, they are a burden to society.  Same with the prostate.  Can't have babies if you don't have a working prostate.  Let's let all the men take the suffering away from the "poor" women so that we don't have any more babies than necessary.

And the administration is of course listening to all this crap.  PP and NARAL are the two serpents tempting Adam (ie the White House) with forbidden fruit (ie let's eliminate the human populace to suit our agenda).  Then there is the New Eve (the Church) standing right next to Adam saying "Fool!  Don't do it.  God said, 'no.'"  This time we aren't going to take a bite.  This time we're not going to let Adam take a bite without saying something.

If it's really all about reproductive health, then where is the men's coverage?

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