Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Body

I should be in bed really.  I feel like poop on a stick fried and spent all day today in bed (for the most part).  All the kids are sick too.  Hence feeling like poop.'s some random thoughts.

1) I've been reading a book by Katrina Zeno with my women's study at church.  It's a very eye-opening book about the Theology of the Body.  I especially like her thoughts about our bodies.  There are two extreme views of our bodies 1) they can be used and abused by us since they "belong" to us in sexual ways and with drugs and diets etc 2) our bodies are evil and our souls are purely good, we must cover up our bodies for this reason.  I'm not equating this second reason with modesty which in my mind and in the eyes of the Church is not just about physical modesty but also spiritual modesty.  I'm talking about viewing our bodies as something we must fight against.  Nor do I think diets are all bad.  Certainly eating healthy and taking care of our bodies is essential just as prayer is spiritual exercise. 

But as Ms. Zeno points out, these extreme views are not how it's meant to be.  Our souls and our bodies are both meant for good.  Just like the Holy Trinity has three dimensions, humans have two (and angels are just one).  It's a gift to have both.  And when we are resurrected we get our bodies back (but in a better more eternal condition).  Jesus showed up in his birthday suit holes and all.  So we shouldn't abuse ourselves nor should we divorce ourselves from our bodies.  We should take care of them.

2) WIC stands for Women, Infants, Children was originally designed when a group of physicians noticed that pregnant women and young children were seeking out medical assistance because of diseases due to poor nutrition.  The program was designed to help women supplement their nutritional needs with the basics.  They used to have WIC only stores and also sell WIC only products (my father told me fondly that their cheese was really excellent.  I think he's known a few WIC families.)  Then they moved to having stores carry the basics and in 2011 they opened up the door for women like me to purchase fruits and veggies which are costly (unlike meats which are subsidized by the government).

My point here is that the government has recognized that it can save more money in the future by making sure that women and children who are at risk for poor nutrition to have their bodily needs met early on.  Considering how high the cost of milk is (and cheese).  This one staple alone being off-set by the government (okay paid for) makes a huge dent to our family's grocery budget.  So is the fruit and veggie supplement.  They do ask that women use coupons and store sales to help with the cost of WIC so that it's more available to more families.  (which is smart)

I also love how WIC promotes breastfeeding.  There are currently more than half of US infants on the WIC program (which makes me wonder if there shouldn't be some sort of overhaul of how the government allocates money.  Perhaps giving tax breaks to stay-at-home parents and the like.)

3) I was watching the Passion of the Christ on some sort of evangelical tv.  I told my husband that I found that ironic given that Mel Gibson is not a favorite among evangelicals and Jim Caviezel is a Catholic.  Of course, Hubby said that not all evangelicals have a problem with Catholics.  But maybe I'm still a little perturbed about the Garlands of Grace's ill-constructed comment on facebook about Catholics.  Where they state and I quote:
I am burdened for all who stand with the Catholic Church and would plead with you to come out and believe the Word of God.
But it could also be some of the comments that followed in the box in support of their position.  As I explained to Hubby I have a number of close friends who are not Catholics but I would classify as evangelicals or some sort of Protestant.  And never have they ever uttered anything or implied that Catholics didn't believe the Word of God (which if you capitalize it means Jesus since he is the Logos or Word, but I think the emphasis is on the Bible.  Sorry but I put my faith in Logos and not the Bible.  The Bible is only a set of books that reveals the Logos). 

So I guess you could say the comment has brought up my touchy-feelings of my childhood.  But anyways...

I watched the Passion and haven't seen it since watching it when it came out in the theater.  I didn't remember how vividly they depicted the scourging scene which Jesus's flesh being ripped off.  That was another reminder about the fragility and love we should have for our bodies.  Jesus took on flesh.  Ordinary human flesh.  So certainly God who created it and Jesus who dwelt in it, holds our bodies in high esteem.  Why don't we?

Well Katrina says it's the whispers of the Devil that seeks to divide our souls and our bodies.  But there you have it.  The baby is murmuring and thumping.  I guess I should go feed him.

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