Friday, March 2, 2012

Just to prove it to myself

Just to prove it to myself.  I googled my husband's "illustrious" name (snorts, I live with him so I say that with some amount of pride and some amount of knowing he's just human).  His dissertation can be googled.

I also googled his name and Br. Guy's just to see if I can find some hard evidence as to their connection.  Besides already knowing that they float in the same circles, ie they are members of the same organizations and therefore their publications show up together on the same lists and also their names are on the same membership lists, I also found this.

It's a listing of former UofA students and their degrees (astronomy is astronomy PTYS are planetary scientists.  I swear I'm not crazy or dumb).  Br. Guy Consolmagno received a PTYS degree in 1978.  My husband is somewhere towards the bottom of the list.  It's safe to say that you all know that he recently (after 9 years of dealing with advisory hardships and laboratory equipment failure) graduated.  He isn't a curator or a professor.  He's starting his career, but that doesn't mean he isn't knowledgeable about planetary science.  In fact there are things he does that others do not (including his adviser). He does Ar-Ar dating.  And there are very few planetary scientists who apply his technique to meteorites (which is what is dissertation was on and why it's important).  Currently, he's will be using his technique (well he didn't come up with it but he improved it) on Lunar Rocks.  He has been cited as a source.  So can we at least agree that he's an expert?

I am quite proud of him.  These days I'm forcing people to call him Dr. on any formal correspondence rather than Mr.  He doesn't care, but I tell him it took him hard work and a gosh long time to earn that title.  It seems so wrong for people to not use it.  Granted most people think that all Drs are medical field people.  Totally untrue.  You can be a dr of anything.

He's modest about it I suppose.  But it's fascinating.  People enjoy listening to him talk about what he does.  As he explains, the tax payers have a right to know where their money is going.

Musicians are a dime a dozen, but planetary scientists....well, they are harder to find.

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