Friday, March 30, 2012

The Kiddos and the Potty

Enough talk about Hubby.  I should talk about my own failings (maybe this evening or tomorrow) to balance things out.  You see I have this phobia of sorts with loosing stuff.  It's not pretty.  But it's a long discussion and I want to dwell on the happy things.

HB is slowly going back to normal.  He still has a nasty nose, but his energy is back.  His appetite oscillates.  Sometimes he wants to eat.  Other times he doesn't.  I thought about doing something fun as a family this weekend, but that's unlikely until his nose gets under control.  In the meantime, I think he should learn how to pedal his tricycle.  He doesn't get the concept of pushing around.

As for potty training, well that went out the window after my dad had come to visit and then the illness set in.  We did try to teach him by example.  You see there's this disconnect with children over their parents using the potty and children who go potty in their pants.  Younger kids learn from their siblings.  Older kids have to learn from other children.  But my child isn't in day care.  He's at home.  So what do I do.  Turn to Youtube.

Some of the videos with children using the toilet are plain disgusting.  One lady had her child on the toilet drinking milk.  She then pans over to the older brother and asks him if he's going to be the first to not soil the sheets at night or his brother.  How embarrassing!  How horrible to compare your older child with your younger!  For the record it's perfectly normal for accidents to happen until age 6.  And if you or your spouse ever bed wetters, well then it's even harder for your children to not be as it's been proven to be genetic.

But some are rather good.  (If you're worried none of the parents show parts, they just show kids on the potty etc).  This one is by Alleke.  She shows you the whole routine.  The part I will criticize is when her father asks her if she wants to use soap to wash her hands and she says "no."  Then he undermines her by saying she needs to use it.  Don't do that.  If you want to offer up options, offer two different types of soap: liquid or foam or two different colors.  Otherwise respect the child's "no" and don't use the soap.  If we as parents don't teach our children to respect the "no", then we're setting them up to not respect our "no" and also for abuse by other adults.  If children learn that their no is respected, then it's more likely they will speak out.

Then their this one with a boy (HB can self-identify).  It's a bit more obvious what he's doing.  And I love the enthusiasm the mother has, the praise she gives, and the smile on the boy's face.  Potty time is enjoyable.  HB gets all excited about it.  But...she does say "good boy" which I hate because whether or not a child uses the potty they are always "good."  For an alternative say "good job" or "I like how you're using the potty" or "way to go."  You get the point.  And then at the end, she says "let's go get candy."  I've spoken about the unholy hierarchy of candy rewards.  If you want to use rewards, use stickers.  Please and Thank you.

What we've been doing is sitting HB on his potty in our living room sans diaper.  Our Wii has internet capabilities so we pick out those two videos and play them ad naseum from our tv.  He loves it and he's getting the concept that even kids sit on the potty (and what a potty is for).  No successes.   But I'm not ready to get some padded undies yet and scrub my carpets until this summer.  It'll be warmer and he'll be 2 1/2.

Knee has been chortling away.  He's also really good at batting things from his bouncy seat, growing at an alarming rate (over 16 pounds and 2 feet tall; he wears a medium diaper or size 3), and grabbing hold of his rattler.  I'm in for it.  I told my MIL today that I keep looking at HB and saying "grow boy, grow" because I'm afraid that at some point Knee is going to catch up to him.  Then I'll have two boys in the same size clothes.  She said to me that it would be crazy to have to get two sets of stuff in the same size and then I said it's that or a lot of laundry.  I've already stream-lined the diaper changing table because they can share some of the same diapers.  Although HB is probably more of a large now since he's 33 1/2 inches tall.  I bought him those new Thirsties duo all-in-one and I'm afraid it won't last long.  Despite it being a size two and made for 40 lbs, it's a bit short on him.  I guess I need to gently ratchet up potty training.

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  1. (yes I'm catching up lol)

    The good job comment makes me smile because we use that a lot... and ZJ has started saying it on his own, both when he goes (before we can say anything) or when we do! That one never fails to crack me up :-)


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