Friday, March 23, 2012

Making the Blog Snazzy

So Joe from Shameless Popery equated me as some great Mommy Blogger *snorts*.  But I've taken his feelings to heart.  I figure that in my quest to streamline the blog I should have some sort of types of blog posts.  Obviously I selfishly talk about myself and my family (okay it's not all that selfish just more of an insight).  And add a few posts here and there about Catholicism as it relates to me and my domestic church.

So I introduce you to a blog button.  I'm really getting this together for the other blog that I write for so I can earn enough to buy a couple cheese burgers and also so that I can point others to this blog as an evangelization tool.  (See not all that self-centered).  I admit that I've sorta let that blog down a bit.  I need to find time to sit down and write up a few posts including an up-in-coming interview with the Catholic Librarian.  :)  See it's Augustinian evangelization at it's finest.  Right, Joe?

And and...I've started sort of a series (we'll see how long it lasts; I'm not a very big blog after all) where I address topics that people bring up.  I call it A View of the Home Front.  It's another evangelization tool.  (I wasn't kidding about that taking Joe's post to heart thing.)

I also may or may not throw in a weekly update about baking in a sort of Mommy/religious fashion.  Seeing as how it's in the mundane every day tasks that one can find the most spiritual fruit.  Jesus often talked about bread, water, and sheep.

To Quote St. Francis of Rome:
“It is most laudible in a married woman to be devout, but she must never forget that she is a housewife and sometimes must leave God at the altar to find him in housekeeping.”

So I'm leaving God at the altar and finding ways to evangelize through my home (including this blog).


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