Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Family Health

Oh, I have another post in mind as a follow up to the comment I received, but I'll save it.  Too many emotions stirred up for one day.

HB- So he gave himself a black eye trying to lob a truck across the room while on his back.  And gave himself a couple of scratches on his nose while standing up under the play ground equipment.  I swear he looks like we beat him up.  It's that whole "I'm a toddler therefore I must have battle scars" syndrome.  Despite him being cautious about heights (yelling 'careful' so often that we originally thought he was saying 'catfood'), he's going to eventually end up in the ER I just know it.  And given that we've heard bad things about the local ones in our burrow (including a Catholic one from a traditional Catholic family), I'm going to have to keep the next burrow's hospital's address close by.

Hubby- Hubby got two cavities filled.  On top of having periodontal disease which is rare for a man his age, there are concerns that he has gingivitis.  This is altogether surprising to me because he flosses and brushes his teeth regularly.  He even has a timer to make sure he's done the adequate two minutes. 

He's also going to look into lasiks.  Our eye insurance covers approximately half of the cost.  Lasiks is really cheap these days.  For what it would cost us out of pocket, we could buy two pairs of eye glasses.  So Hubby, who is after all more frugal than I am, thinks it's worthwhile.  The recovery time is over a weekend.  When it first came out it took two weeks.  I remember because for the longest I've wanted Lasiks, but haven't been woman enough to ask for more info.  Supposedly it's so good that even the military has amended it's fighter pilot program to include people who have had their vision corrected by Lasiks.

Me- I had one cavity.  Just one.  Despite not brushing regularly.  Despite my children stealing away at my calcium.  I had one tiny cavity.  Can you believe it?  It's my genes.

And I'm looking into the Lasiks too.  It would be nice to not have my child point out my glasses first and then my eyes.  That and not having to fumble around every morning to find my glasses.  Yeah, it would be nice.  I mean I've been wearing glasses for, 21 years now.  One can only dream of a life without their nose being weighed down by demonstrably thick glasses.

Knee- Poor baby.  When he isn't being used as a chair by his older brother, he's being used as a pin cushion.  Five vaccines four of which were injections.  He weighs a wooping 15.5 lbs.  I remember HB didn't weight that much until he was 5 months old.  I did ask about the vaccines being morally acceptable (meaning they didn't use fetal cell lines in the manufacturing process).  At first the doctor didn't understand what I was asking her.  "Can you please tell me what the brand name is of the vaccines that you use?"  She kept looking at my list and telling me that they didn't use a combo, but that's irrelevant because I was only interested in "the brand name."  Eventually she figured out what I was driving at and confirmed that they use ethical versions.  So he got poked.    I also asked about nursing while being given the shots but she said they don't do that as it can cause risks.

So here's the rub.  I caved and let the nurse come in and lay his legs down and shot him up.  In the process of giving two in one leg and then two in the other.  I noticed blood oozing out the first leg.  "He's bleeding." I tell her while she swabs him with a cotton ball.  Now, how on earth is that safer?  She didn't hit a capillary and fortunately not an artery or we'd have blood squirting out,  but she did hit a vein for that much blood to drip down the side of his leg.  After all was said and done he had a bruise that looked like the ones I get for giving blood.  So again, how on earth is that better?  I hate vaccines and I hate medical doctors/nurses.  You'd think that being one you'd listen to the parent because hey, they are around their kids more, but the medical staff doesn't.  My own poor mother had to chart out my health conditions until one doctor did a simple blood test and recommended a specialist.  Before that all the other pediatricians had the gall to say my pain was in my mother's head.  Can you tell I just love doctors?

He ended up sleeping for five hours afterward, but unlike his brother bounced back well.  No fever or anything else like that.  I'm guess it's his size.  His brother is so scrawny.

Oh, and we haven't turned around HB's seat yet.  He's two and still facing backwards.  The seat says until he's 45 lbs, but I figure when he reaches 30, we'll switch him.  Hopefully, we can get rid of the bucket seat that Knee uses soon.  After five kids have used it (we tallied it one day), it smells like cat.  It has served us well, but it's time to go.  I want to trade out when Knee starts sitting up, which should be soon since he's already insisting that we hold him upright.  He hates being leaned back.

And that's it for now.  I'll discuss all things NFP and educating our young girls another time.


  1. *hugs*

    The first time I asked our normal nurse (I'd had one before let us bf during shots) about doing that w/ Kalila she literally flipped out on us. Screamed at me that it wasn't safe or allowed, was shaking she was so upset. I wasn't sure how to react honestly... The next time we went in she apologized for it and said that her and our pedi looked it up and decided that its safe and has benefits. She's now our fav nurse and I'm sad when we go in for shot only visits and don't get her (she's always with us for well visits).

    What seat do you have that goes to 45? I haven't heard of a bucket seat that goes that high! Our seat goes to 40 lbs... but I'm just hoping we make it to 30 RF. ZJ has a long torso height and is still fairly light (under average, not a lot but still) so making it to 2 and 30 will be great. It looks like he has 3 or 4 inches of torso growth left though so I might be pleasantly surprised :-)

    1. Oh, sorry. I forget that what I type can be so confusing. No. HB has a convertible seat and Knee uses the bucket seat. I corrected it. Sorry. The convertible can stay rear facing up to 45 lbs. The bucket only goes up to 22 lbs. That's another reason why we'll be getting rid of it soon. Knee doesn't have much room left in it. I doubt he'll last the year.

      And do you know where they got this info from? If not don't worry about it, I'm sure I can google something about it. I figure next time we go in I'll bring it up again and ask where they get their info from since I've read sources to the contrary. No harm and in coming armed with info. Right?

    2. Gotcha :-)

      Honestly I'm not sure where they got it... They didn't tell me. I was just thankful that they did research it. Good luck!


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