Saturday, March 31, 2012


I told Hubby that he needed to be more romantic specifically to break out some poetry.  What I meant was to look up some Shakespearean sonnets and copy and paste them.  He could add commentary too.  But this is what I got in my inbox.

I like the twinkle in your eye
almost as much as I like pie

And this:

Well that's too bad
  I ain't no deadbeat dad
  I already put out a want ad
  After I get a scratch pad
  You'll always be scantily clad
His final comment was: Oh, Dear God, look what you've done.

They were so terrible that I started laughing.  I still can't figure out what he's talking about.  Does he like pie?  What's with the want ad?  And how does a scratch pad make me suddenly loose articles of clothing?  I'm confused.  Maybe I should ask him to decipher his efforts.

At any rate, it's a valiant effort.  These are my poems:

The Rose

A blossom among thee
Pungent and pink
To fill the world
To bring love, hope, and joy

A perfect bud
Knitted inside a bush
To enter the earth
To overcome pain and sorrow

This rose bursts forth
In pain, it floods
Kind eyes of purity
Clutch this tiny flower

Wrapped in white
With not a thorn to prick thee
Build with many pedals
To fulfill its purpose

It grows into a full bloom
This rose of yellow
Teaches and gathers seedlings
No spots of tears are upon it

On the fragrance flows
Gathering full strength
At last a crimson colored perennial
It’s red pedals flow forth

Such agony and fear
But the rose has been plucked
Thrown aside to die
And yet it is regrown

Cast forth from stone
This golden rose springs forth
It is a center piece
Crowned by white, blushing petals


Jesus or God is called the Rose of Sharon.  This name has struck a chord in me very deeply.  In that thought, I viewed Jesus’ life like a rose or several roses.  Saints, such as St. Therese of Liseux, remarked often of sending the world a shower of roses.  The Virgin Mary appears with roses.  So in my mind roses symbolizes God’s unending love for us.   A rose is his love and his grace.

Happy early Palm Sunday!

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  1. Oh come on everyone likes pie.

    And the second poem was a response to you saying "I wasn't looking for you to create a poem." I thought it wasn't art if I had to explain it, but here goes...

    The want ad was for the scratch pad and after I use it to write poems you'll turn into a groupie. It's kind of hard to fit a coherent story together when you can only think of about 10 things that rhyme with "bad." I've never really understood the point of poetry that doesn't rhyme. Well, haiku works I suppose.

    Poems are just bland
    at least to someone like me
    but results I like

    Yes I know, that's really only pseudo-haiku.


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