Saturday, March 31, 2012

They Just Keep Multipling and Other Random Thoughts

1) So after my post about my husband's zany poetry.  He sent me another funny poem.  This one he sent to me is a big "for my eyes only."  But lets just say I think he should write a book of bad poetry.  It's so bad that I'm sure it would receive the same popularity that Florence Foster Jenkins received.

2) Knee has decided not to follow in his brother's footsteps.  HB was known to prefer the horizontal pursuits ie rolling.  Knee who started laughing early at 2 months of age, prefers the vertical kinds.  Namely rattle shaking and a few valiant efforts to sit himself upright before landing on his face.  I don't blame him.  If every time I was horizontal my brother thought it meant that I wanted to wrestle, I'd sit up too.  (enjoying the horrible music?)

3) HB has been saying a few key phrases "not working" and "kiss it"  He also takes great delight in playing with his brother, kissing and hugging him, and trying to teach him things.  I caught him the other day trying to get his brother to point out where his cheeks were.  "cheek"  "cheek"  "where cheek"  I had to tell him that it was a great effort, but his brother was a little too young yet to respond.  Helping him with his rattle is a better idea.

HB is not jealous of his brother.  He just wishes he had more one-on-one with mom.

4) HB also has developed a fondness for shoes.  He slips his on or ours and walks around the house.  And since it's summer, we went and got him some summer shoes.  Yes, I realize that technically it's spring, but out here we have four seasons: autumn, spring, summer, and more summer.  Currently it's now summer.  He picked out his shoes himself: a set of black crocs.  I've never been a fan of the shoe, but it was his decision.  He can put them on a lot easier than his tennies.  Speaking of, we went ahead and bought the next size larger because I get tired of making trips to stores for shoes.  I haven't bought a pair of new shoes for myself since shortly before I got pregnant with Knee, not that I really need any.  The male members of the household go through shoes like crazy.

5) I feel bad for Knee.  I have two boys.  When you have two boys, the youngest gets nothing new.  He has no new clothes, no new toys, and no new books.  So when my MIL sent us a gift card for Easter, I still wasn't sure what to get Knee.  He is, after all, only three months old.  So I bought a couple of items the boys could share and two items more for HB.  I suppose that I should feel a bit guilty, but I don't.  Right now Knee only cares about being fed, sleeping, and seeing his family.  You should see how big his smile is and how he giggles with his brother tries to suffocate him via a hug.  I keep telling Knee that he needs to stop this insanity and tell his brother that it's too much.  But alas, he doesn't care for his life anymore than HB cares about his.

6) I finally got around to posting for the other blog.  The sites main editor had to fix my spelling issues.  But one of them is picking up noise.  A parenting group thing tweeted and shared the link on facebook and one lady said she was glad for the post.  So I hope that it helps her.

Milk Storage

How to Cloth Diaper in an Apartment (the one that's generating talk)

I've been using community washer/dryers so long that it's become sorta normal for me.  I can't imagine not having to insert quarters and being able to leave things for overnight.  Hubby needs a promotion.  We need washer/dryer hook ups.

7) Now I would have worked on the Catholic Librarian interview, but that was on the desktop, in the bedroom, where Hubby and Knee were sleeping so I posted something else.  I promise to do that as soon as I get around to completing/starting my Lambkins.  Can you believe how fast Lent flew?

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