Monday, March 26, 2012

A View From the Home Front: Trangender

A while ago, I got a comment from an Anonymous person about my post You Can't Change Your DNA.   At the time I must have had much on my mind because I declined the comment but thought that I had left the e-mailed message.  Apparently not.  I've combed my inbox and can't find it at all.  So I'm going by memory.

Basically the person told me that I was being disrespectful for not calling Chastity Bono Chaz.  And that this Chastity was a role model because she not only came out of the closet as being gay but then later as transgendered.  And that transgendered people feel different and wish that they could alter their dna and have been born the gender they feel most comfortable.

Okay, perhaps I'm being a bit disrespectful to Chastity.  But the truth of the matter is, I'd be more disrespectful to God if I considered Chastity a man.  God don't make junk, as the saying goes.  To acknowledge Chastity as being male is to say that God did something wrong.  So if I'm being disrespectful to Chastity.  Oh, well.  It wasn't my call to make her female instead of what she wants to be, which is male.

Perhaps I'm being a little unsympathetic to Chastity's clear sin.  I know that is true and I should be more charitable.  

What Chastity as any transgendered person is going through is a heavy cross.  Concupiscence is the propensity to want to sin.  It's hard to overcome on one's own.  It's with God's grace that we are able to ignore it and not commit sin.  

I can understand a person feeling that they are the wrong gender.  I have my own crosses to bear.  I wish that my own propensities weren't there.  I feel certain ways about myself too.  The difference is that I try hard not to cave in, to behave wrongly.  

A person with Same Sex Attraction finds that their cross to bear is being attracted to person's of the same sex.  This is their concupiscence rearing it's ugly head.  It's only when they act on their attractions that they are in the clear wrong.

The same is in the case for gender reassignment surgery or to a lesser extent cross-dressing (in other words behaving as another gender.  I'm not talking about when women where pants.  That's another argument altogether.  One I have no wish to tackle.)  Once a transgendered person decides to cave in to their desires and turn their back on how God created them, then they are committing sin.  This, as a sister in Christ, I must speak out against.  

But to top it all off, Chastity, who has sinned, is trying to make being transgendered normal or not a sin.  She's become an advocate.  It's one thing to say "I understand how you feel" and offer support for concupiscence.  It's another thing to become a role model for others including children on a family tv show for body alterations.  And I must draw the line right there.  My sympathies for Chastity's clear case of concupiscence and even her sin are all flushed down the toilet when she comes on family tv and tries to normalize this.  Do I think she should go hide herself in a closet?  Certainly not.  But again this is how she is using herself as a role model for gender reassignment.  Not how she goes about her private life.

If you have a sin or a cross to bear, don't bring it on national tv and try to make it normal.  It doesn't matter to me if it's a transgender issue, gay issue, or pre-marital sex issue.  I don't want to see it.  And I certainly don't want to have my children exposed to it.  So I stopped watching that season until the finale where I only tried to watch bits.

The point of the previous article was that I was disgusted by how she is behaving in the media.  One can alter their appearance, change their name, and even their birth certificates (so I've heard), but the fact remains that they are still the gender they were born because of the dna.  That you can't deny.  And that you can never escape.  It's the same for every sin.  Trying to run away from who God created you to be will only hurt you in the end.

So to Anonymous commenting person, it is with great charity and love for your body and soul that I call you back to Christ and ask you to attempt to embrace yourself the way God designed you. 

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