Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ann Romney Never Worked?

Okay.  I should be sleeping.  My infant is going through another round of "Yes, I will be your third arm."

I'm sure you've heard it by now.  Hilary Rosen said in an interview that Ann Romney wouldn't know much about the economy or women's thoughts (or whatever she meant) because Ann Romney is disconnected with the world.  She stayed home and raised five sons.

I'm sorry.  But that was so horribly wrong I had to laugh.  What?  You mean you totally loose yourself in raising your children that you don't pay attention to anything else?  Really?  Come on.

And the nerve "she's never worked a day in her life."  Really.  How do you know that?  Did you ever stay home with your kids and not call it work?  She says she did, but seriously.  Did she have someone wipe their bottoms and fix them food and clean her house?  Because those are jobs.  It's called day care worker, cook, and maid.

I've already talked about it being work, but I've thought about it some more and decided maybe a comparison is needed.

Work-From-Home Mom (WFHM) versus Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM)

WFHM has to wash two sets of dishes on a daily basis for her family since in general the kids aren't home when she isn't.  SAHM washes three and any daily snack dishes.  That's five.

WFHM deals with toys in the morning and at at night.  SAHM watches as the toys migrate from one end of the house and back.  There is not cleaning them up because as soon as she does they are thrown around the room again.  She decides to wait until everyone is asleep.  BTW where are the kid's shoes?  Oh, those migrate as well along with diapers, dirty laundry, and clean clothes.  Food somehow ends up in the couch cushions or smeared on the couch.  Yes, this happens for WFHM, but generally only once a day.

WFHM has adult interactions.  SAHM starts using baby voices with adults and realizes she has been around children too much.

WFHM helps with homework and posts the pretty pictures of the day on the fridge.  SAHM tries to bounce baby on knee while supervising school work.  Any pretty pictures are immediately destroyed by Destructo-con toddler or his nemesis Chews-On-Everything Baby.  Daddy comes home to a half eaten/torn picture posted to the fridge.

The toddler comes home in a new set of clothes.  WFHM notices and deposits soiled clothing from back-pack wrapped in plastic to laundry.  SAHM has to chase down toddler while listening to screaming baby to pull off soiled clothes.  Then they make it to the laundry which is then turned upside down by toddler.  He also refuses to put on any additional clothing.

WFHM picks up a well-rested child from preschool.  SAHM struggles to make tired child take a nap.  She sings songs, rubs backs, reads stories, and finally resolves to forgoing nap in loo of tv time where preschooler nods off on couch and is immediately woken up by jumping sibling.  

I could keep going, but you get the point.  No work?  Bah!!!

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