Saturday, April 14, 2012

Catholic ABC's Cursory Review

I bought this book because unlike Little Saints this one looked like it was churchy.  And it totally is.  I enjoy the site a lot and hoped the book would deliver what it promises: more than the site.  But while I find it helpful to have a my finger tips, I might have just used the website which has most everything you need.

The program has a script for both homeschoolers and for catechists.  It's really helpful for me because as a teacher I never learned how to incorporate the religious in the classroom.  It's forbodden in public schools.  And I worked in a parochial school elementary (and some preschool) but only working in one school for a year limits one's scope.

It breaks it down into units based on the liturgical calendar.  I would have preferred Advent to be separated from Christmas but I can do that on my own.

Then there are the letters.  They are alphabetical but aren't linked to particular units (even though the subject matter might).  Each letter has a religious thing/person/date associated with it, an activity or craft, a Bible verse, and a saint.  There's a lot about this that can be tweaked.  One could change the saint for example if one wants to use their personal saint.

The downside is she doesn't explain much of the logistics.  How many lessons does she expect?  And she doesn't really get into the numbers other than offering number place mats or shapes or colors or anything beyond the religious.  She gives examples of songs/finger games, but no suggestions for books other than to read often.

It's a good supplemental, but I wouldn't build a whole person's education on it.

What I plan on doing is blending it with Little Saints to give HB a good all-around education.  In the meantime, I'm solely teaching from this book (minus the huge emphasis on writing).  We managed to get through most of one lesson on Thursday.  I'm figuring it will get easier has he gets both older and used to the routine of things.  I do really enjoy the program, but like a said it leaves something to be desired for a complete program.  It's more cathecetical if anything.

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