Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Egg Hunts

What's with Easter Egg Hunts these days?  What with pushy parents causing cities to cancel hunts and violence between parents, my youthful remembrances of Easter egg hunting seem like a thing of the past.

Last Saturday (before the sudden need to make use of the throne), we took the boys to our church's Easter Egg Hunt.  First we were paraded through eggs everywhere to another location to do a craft.  Um.  Okay.  Didn't know that was part of it these days, but I'll buy that Pat Sajak.  Afterwards we were taken back to the location of the eggs, given instructions, prayed, and then let em' loose.  All of this was very hard for my youngster (and several others I noticed).

It all lasted two minutes.

There was no actual hunting because I watched as the ladies literally threw eggs out of baskets.  Where's the fun in that?

So speaking to my parents I asked them if my memory was shoddy but was there actually hidden eggs to be found in the hunts of my youth.  "Yes," my dad said.  "But they don't do that anymore because of all the little ones."

"That's silly,"  I said.  "If they are worried about that, why don't they just separate the areas out by age.  The little's can be more visible and the older kids can actually hunt for them.  Two minutes is nothing.  There wasn't any fun in it."

"Maybe you should suggest it."  he replied.

I might, but I doubt it will do any good.  All my suggestions when it comes to goings on of churches fall short.  The "we've always done it this way" attitude comes out.  It's not like I'm taking command.  Hubby says we should just have our own family hunt when the kids are older.  He also suggested that the pandemonium that seems to occur at hunts is because the "poor" parents want their children to get all their candy there so they don't have to buy any.

I'm lame.  I haven't bought any candy for my kids.  And I don't really care if they get a sugar high or a single present for Easter either (don't worry they've been well supplied).  Call me cynical and paint me blue but I thought Easter was about something else or rather someone else's act of self-sacrifice and conquering death.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm all about joy and making memories.  But that's why the Easter Egg Hunt is so much more than the candy.  I can't imagine that it's more fun grabbing an egg than actually looking for one.

I suppose Hubby's right.  We'll just have to make our own Easter Egg Hunts and dying eggs and that sort of thing.

HB got three eggs.  All of them were purple.  It's his favorite color I think.

PS.  The lambkins never materialized.  I gave it a go and fell short of making it work.  It just didn't look like a stuffed lamb.  I should have just stuck to books.  Oh, well.

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  1. Oh I am so sorry...that sounds awful!

    We do hunts... our family one hasn't happened yet :-/ But the kids had fun on Sunday and even ZJ caught on to finding them.

    The candy issue has me a bit on edge because dh decided that the kids could have as much as they wanted that day (we were at an aunts house and it was out everywhere) so Kalila got really sugared. Thankfully she is seeing the other side (the real side) of the holiday too at this point so I guess there's that at least :-)


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