Tuesday, April 10, 2012

He may be a scientist but he can't add

That's it.  I'm done.  We've agreed in order to cut the family's budget that we would use our "mad" money for food beyond the grocery store.

But I've been sick.  So I bought a pizza.  I ate a slice last night figuring if I felt better today I would finish my portion.  HB ate one slice.  I packed up three slices in the fridge last night.  It was a large.  I guessing Hubby ate three.

This afternoon I go to get out my slices of pizza that I paid for and didn't eat and where are they?  The selfish *garbles a bunch of nasty cursing names* took them for lunch at work!  There is a total of one piece left.

That means my husband stole my pizza!

Now okay.  He's thoughtless.  He's selfish.  "Self-donative love" isn't a part of his vocabulary.  Fine.  I'm a forgiving sort of person.

But my husband is a cheap skate.  He's been skating around our house rules for a while.  "Oh, that should come from the house fund.  Right?"  "Oh, I'm not going to pay for lunch.  We can just eat pb and j unless you want to pay for something else."

Okay.  Fine.  Fine.

But then he's said to me on a number of occasions that he's buying something expensive off the menu because "you're buying".  He wouldn't do this with his own cash.  Nope.  He'd buy off the dollar menu.

Yes, it's pizza.  But it's the principal of the thing.  I'm cutting him off.  If I want to order a pizza because I'm sick, then he's not getting any.  He's on his own.  HB and I are eating that darn thing all by ourselves.

Selfish *more garbled up curse words*  He also had the nerve to ask why I wasn't being nice after he wrote me another poem.  The nerve of some people.  He takes and takes and takes.  And I'm not fraking St. Terese.  There will not be sitting in silence about some annoying habit.  It's purgatory (if I'm lucky) for me.

His inbox is currently filled with the most vile thing I could say about this because enough is enough.  I am not a door mat.

Update:  Oh, alright.  I shouldn't have yelled.  So I apologized.  Still mad though.  I think I made him mad because he's refusing to respond.  That or his meeting ran really long.

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