Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is Sesame Street Pro-life?

Considering the show is aimed at children who have parents in the background one can assume that Sesame Street won't be advocating abortions.  But I've seen a number of bloggers proudly state that they explain that abortions are good things to their very young children.  So I am a little scared that the tide is turning away from children and families to individuals and dead babies.

Introducing Sesame Street...I've been off the Lenten wagon lately.  Between sick children and a (yet again) fussy baby, I've resorted to my crutch: television.  The Sesame Street word of the day was "embarrassed."  And during the show Baby Bear (who is male) was lovingly playing with his doll.  His embarrassment happened when his friend Telly Monster realized that the doll was Baby Bear's (and not his sister's).  Baby Bear ran into Gordon while running away.  Gordon explained that there was nothing wrong with boys playing with dolls.  Make believing that you are a daddy is good practice for when you become a real daddy, he said.  And it's totally my feeling as well.  Neither one of my boys has been particularly attracted to dolls but if they do, I'll buy them one.

Okay...getting on with.  Then Baby Bear mustered himself and went back to find Telly to explain that he was pretending to be a daddy.  And Telly asked him why he had run away.  When Baby Bear explained that he like dolls, Telly said (and I quote) "Who doesn't love babies?"

Who indeed?  Well, I could name any number of people who don't like babies.  There's been some recent poop hitting the fan about the Journal of Medical Ethics publishing a paper entitled: After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?

Surely ye jest?  Nay.  I do not.  I wish it weren't true that there are people advocating killing human beings regardless simply because they believe that "newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant."  But there it is, in the abstract.

So while the world has turned upside down and now views newborns as not being potential persons or with any moral integrity, I think happily that at the very least Sesame Street has preserved the sacredness of childhood for all children.  Yes, I wonder why a person wouldn't love a baby.  Apparently, Sesame Street characters love babies.

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