Sunday, April 8, 2012

Missed Easter

You're probably thinking...You missed Easter?  How can you miss Easter?

Well it all started yesterday (cue flashback sequence type thingy)...we started out the day at an Easter egg hunt, which I intended to blog about but didn't.  And then we settled in for our afternoon siesta.  My mom calls and asks "so hows everybody doing?"  Well we were fine, but you know what happens when someone asks...

So after the siesta, I felt funny and low and behold made it to the throne and spent the next few hours between the bed, computer, throne, and couch.  All last night I managed it without a trip to the throne, but this morning after breakfast...well, that didn't last too long.

And so I've spent all of Easter feeling awful.  Not wanting to eat and after eating something feeling yucky.  Out went all my lovely Easter plans.  At my house it's been deferred.  Christ is still in the tomb.  We are still draped in purple.  And it's going to stay that way for a while.

I'm wondering two things 1) how I'm going to make it tomorrow and 2) why God has decided that this liturgical year I'm missing Christmas and Easter.

You see 9 days before Christmas I had a baby.  Now some women are stronger than me and will go to Mass on Christmas.  But not me.  I kept seeing visions of standing room only and strangers coughing on my newborn (which didn't matter anyway because he caught a cold from his brother).  So I opted out of it.

And then I was sick for Thanksgiving.  So that's it.  No more holidays.  I'm not going to think about them because inevitably I'm missing every single one of them anyway.  I suppose it's a good thing that the next holiday is mother's day in May and I don't really celebrate that Hallmark holiday anyway.

So there.  Now back to me huddling up in the fetal position with much moaning and gnashing of teeth.

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