Thursday, April 5, 2012

Say What?!: Why Infant Baptism is Necessary

At my woman's study group today, one lady, a convert, asked that we knew Limbo doesn't exist anymore right?  Um, technically it never did.  It was a theory.  Not doctrinally defined.

So then she trudges on saying that infants don't really need to be baptized because Limbo doesn't exist.  So babies are all fine.

Here's a Wikipedia quote: 
"While the Catholic Church has a defined doctrine on original sin, it has none on the eternal fate of unbaptized infants, leaving theologians free to propose different theories, which Catholics are free to accept or reject."

In other words, there is no official teaching about what happens to unbaptized babies.  Since unbaptized persons (unless by desire or by fire) cannot share in the Beatific Vision (ie God in Heaven), unbaptized babies could possibly not be in Heaven.  It is stressed, however, that it is the hope that they are in heaven.  But it is not certain.

And that's why baptizing babies is a must.  To ensure salvation and the Golden Ticket to Heaven, all babies need to be baptized.

But while my mind sat reeling over what she had said (that and my headache and drooling baby), the conversation changed before I could offer a correction.  Now I feel bad that I didn't stand up and proclaim that the lady just spoke blasphemy.

I'll reiterate it so that it's clear so that if you here this thing spread around in your own church groups you'll do better than me,  "All babies need the saving grace of Baptism.  Just because they are babies doesn't mean they will end up in heaven.  No one knows for sure.  You need several things to attain heaven and Baptism is one of them."

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