Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So What Happened at the Drs

I'm usually pretty good at remembering conversations verbatim right after they happened, but because of the stress I was feeling, it's hard for me to remember everything.

We went in and got Knee's well-check.  He weighs 17lbs 14 oz and is almost 27 inches tall.  Incidentally our bucket car seat maxes out at 29 inches and 22 lbs.  At this rate, he'll be out of that seat by August in weight and perhaps June in height.

HB is still rear facing.  He's only 26.5 lbs and 33 inches tall.  I hope that maybe when he's three we can turn him around.

So I went in we talked about solids.  Since he's okay, I'm delaying the introduction until the gold standard of 6 months.  We talked about the things she usually asks.  Then came the vax discussion.

I mentioned that we had discussed it last time and I wanted to know what evidence she had about it being dangerous during breastfeeding.  She didn't have any.  She said it was the policy of the practice.  And that babies often kick during vaccinations so holding them down is for their benefit (to prevent injury).

Problem:  The American Academy of Pediatrics and Le Leche League say that breastfeeding before, during, and after vaccinations and other procedures such as blood draws is the best thing for pain management.  So if a child is nursed during a vaccination they are better able to control themselves and thus less kicking and less chance of injury.  Where do I get this idea?  Logic.  Pure and simple.  If I'm being comforted in the loving arms of my husband and touched by a doula and floating in warm water, and can give birth and yet control my movements because I am managing my pain in health ways, well then an infant is also able to control themselves better too.

So her notion that it's better is a flat out fail.

Then I say something about skipping the vaxs and going elsewhere.  She said that I would be hard pressed to find anyone who would allow me to breastfeeding during the vax.

Again epic fail.

I told her she's the third pediatrician I've had and the previous two had no problems with me breastfeeding my oldest during a procedure.  What I didn't tell her and I'll say here is they both encouraged it for pain management.  And to top it off any outside laboratory work (including the heel stick tests I had for Knee) also allowed breastfeeding during the procedure.  The CF test I couldn't breastfeed during because of the nature of the test (how it's performed), but that's the only one with HB that I didn't.

Oh, was her response.  Basically she hadn't a leg to stand on because if I could find someone before I can easily in this megalopolis find someone again.  She said she'd have to bring it up to the board.

I asked her if she wanted my evidence and gave her the abstract to a British study, the lastest publication in the Journal of Pediatrics which I found on AAP website, and LLL's own online publication.  And that's just a pre-limb cursory search.  If I wanted to, I could have asked Hubby to use his university access to give me a whole host of prominent medical journals at my researching finger tips.  She took them and later brought them back.  Oh, and I found another one and another one.  As you can tell, there have been numerous studies so really it should be standard practice for pediatricians to encourage breastfeeding mothers to nurse during those procedures.

So what happened?

Well, she went and asked the lady whose job is to give the vaxs if she was willing to try.  Turns out she's never vaccinated a child while breastfeeding.  I told her we used to do it while sitting in a chair but if she preferred I'd sit with him on the examination table.  And that's what we did.  He did pop off but he didn't cry as much as before.  He didn't really kick and blood didn't drip down his leg.

I don't know if what I did has done any good for the future of the practice, but at least I should firm and was kind about it.  And they caved to my wishes.  I had too much research in my favor.  What was she going to argue against?  The whole of the medical establishment?  Laughable.

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  1. *whew* Good for you and glad it worked out!


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