Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trying to Avoid the Vortex that is Facebook

Ahh!!  My husband claims that I'm totally anti-social.  I prefer the term "socially awkward" since I'm not shy nor have problems with things like public speaking.  My problem stems from not knowing how to deal with people.  I end up either making them very very angry or I'm a boring wall flower.

Unfortunately I have to communicate with a group via facebook only.  And I avoid that mayhem like the plague.  I know way too many people who get sucked in spending all their time with 2,000 of their "besties" on there.

So today I scanned/glossed over facebook and noted the "poor" people of the world who want to Friend me.  (Trust me.  You don't want me as a friend.  I am terrible at it.)  Here's the category of my "besties" whom I've never bested.  Nope not a single one.  Maybe I should branch out.

1) People I know only online
2) Relatives (mostly my husband's; my relatives I have succeeded in pissing off )
3) Friends from HS
4) Friends from College
5) People who really want to be friends with me but I have either or they have either pissed each other off
6) Exs (yikes)
7) The exes of friends (double yikes)
8) People I don't know
9) People I've worked with but never considered friendly
10) Friends of Hubby
11) Grad school friends

And most of them got images of their kiddos.  And sometimes I want to click friend.  Not cause I want to join the in crowd.   No.  Blogging is about as in as I get.  It's cause I want to see how some of my frenemies are doing.  Are they miserable?  How's the ex doing?  Did he get his just deserts for dumping me for some girl who wasn't interested in him?  How's see that back-stabber doing with my ex?  Sad.  I know.

And that's why maybe I should start friending people any time soon.  Because it will start an avalanche of temptation to check up on those people who've hurt me in the past.

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  1. Don't blame you...

    Thankfully that is not a temptation I have... but it does waste time occasionally, esp if I'm not feeling good.


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