Friday, April 27, 2012

Warning: Prophylactics and the Environment

No, that's not a nipple for a bottle.  Good guess though.  That's a prophylactic, a "rain-coat", a condom.

Millions of these things are given out all over the country and the world, and it's just not cool.

Why?  Because after their use (or not use) they are discarded into landfills.  Most condoms are not biodegradable.  Latex is, but most condoms contain "filler" like plastic which isn't.  The rest of condoms are made from sheep skin and if you've ever read the label, aren't considered as "safe" as the latex variety so most people don't use them.

And you all know about how I feel about the pill being environmentally "friendly."

Yet, many "greenies" around the world cloth diaper their children, breastfeed, use reusable stuff, remember to take bags to the grocery store, etc. but they use prophylactics and the pill for their method of birth control.

Lately the word on the blogosphere has been about making NFP "sexy" or more up-to-date to say the least.  Some have suggested making it hip for non-Catholics.

How about we start here?  How about we educate people?  How about we talk about condom usage and why it isn't green or good?  What's in those things anyway?  Why do you need to bring your reusable shopping bag to get groceries and yet throw out a box of condoms?  That doesn't make sense to me.

Think about it.

Let's educate people about the other forms of birth control in our talks about NFP.

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