Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I have to contend with

Yeah, my job isn't hard.  Nope not one sticking bit.  I have it totally easy.  I'll just shut them in a room and kill each other with love.  Yep.  Great plan.

Then there's this problem.

HB at 7 month's old.
Knee at almost 4 months old.

See the problem?  Okay, just in case you don't.  Knee is going to eventually surpass his brother.  He will eventually be in the same clothing size and then HB will be in hand-me-ups instead of second-hands which are handed down to Knee.  I keep looking at HB and saying "Grow, Baby, Grow!  For the Love of all that's Holy, Eat!"  and to Knee it's "Slow down there, Kiddo.  This isn't a race."

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