Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When Do You Plan On Weaning?

The answer:  Never!

I'm kidding.  Really.

I've been tandem nursing for nearly four months and nursing continuously for over two years.  And people still ask me about it.  Well the ones who know.

It's not like I hide it, but social constructs are social constructs.  People get all wigged out by me breastfeeding a person over the age of two.  Hell.  People get weird-ed out by nursing children over the age of one.  Let alone two children simultaneously.

I could quote you likes about how all Health Organizations encourage this.  I could explain to you that Jesus most likely didn't wean completely until the ages of three to five since it was the expectation that Hebrew women nurse their children at least until the age of three.  I could blabber on about how my pediatrician knows and doesn't care.

But then I would be a bleeding liberal because it's just not the "normal thing to do" right?

Or you can be more horrified like my husband.  Showing me pictures of the woman from Britain who nursed her eight year old. 

My husband asked me when I planned on weaning my oldest.  He's concerned.  We have actually cut back on our nursing relationship because of his brother's demands.  It takes a toll on you to sit all day long between the two of them.

My husband told me his concerns are social ones.  He's worried that his preschool friends will find out and he will get picked on.

I have to snort at this one because we can't afford preschool.  We're homeschooling.  And as I explained to him, I'm not going to tell any of his friends.  If he wants to divulge that "dirty" little secret on his own, he can go ahead with it.

"Well, are you going to do this forever?" my husband asks.

No.  He'll eventually wean himself.  That happens normally around 3 or 4.  Eight's a bit extreme even for extended nursers.

"3 or 4?!"

Yes.  Three or four.  It's not the prom.  It's preschool.

Will I do the same for Knee?

Most certainly if he wants to.

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  1. :-D

    Completely on board with ya here! Although I have a feeling my pedi would say something about tandem nursing. Why? Because at our last appointment she was visibly biting her tongue over me nursing while pregnant and when I mentioned I'd nursed Kalila until I was 5 months pg w/ ZJ she misunderstood and thought I meant until he was 5 months old and her jaw dropped and she freaked for a minute until I cleared up the misunderstanding. I have a feeling we may be tandem nursing soon too despite that.. I'm not worrying about her overly much though because we may not be with her much longer. I don't see that situation making my main blog but it very well may be on uncut at some point soon. 2 big issues and I'm more than a little nervous about this next visit (and not sure if I'm going to ask to speak to her on the phone about them before scheduling, may be best).


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