Monday, May 28, 2012

Flats and Handwashing Challenge Week Complete

Well the week is officially over.  I stripped my diapers for tomorrow.  But I didn't wash covers.  Didn't see the point as I had to keep using several covers because many of them were still wet by the afternoon.

Some interesting things I may have failed to mention: some participants tie dyed their flats.  I might do this or at least dye them.  It would be fun.

Another thing is that some participates are going to take the 30 day challenge starting June 4.  If I did that, Hubby might divorce me.

My MIL is going to be here tomorrow.  Unfortunately her father fell and broke his ankle that it requires surgery.  But she's coming anyway.  She has a lot of siblings who live close by and my FIL is staying home.

Today was relatively boring.  The baby is having trouble sleeping again.  And my toddler is progressing in his potty training.  To the point that he announces that he's gone and strips off the soiled diaper.  So we're undergoing Operation Potty-Train-A-Toddler.  And I figure we'll lock him in the bathroom with Hubby for their morning seating upon the thrones.

Hopefully Hubby will not inadvertently lock HB in the bathroom again.  He did that yesterday and we couldn't get the pin to push so I went next door figuring my neighbor who has an almost 3 year old might know what to do.  With her help, we got him out.

I'm just glad this thing is over.  My house is a mess and my blood pressure, I'm sure, shot through the roof.  While I could get used to this handwashing thing, I prefer my time-saver washer.

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