Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I've Been Schooled

I consider myself an educated person.  I have a bachelor's in music ed and all the course work completed for a Master's in musicology.  (What's keeping me from the degree is my lack of staying power in writing anything thicker than a paper.)

One day on my way to student teaching, I was listening to the local pop music station.  They were doing their morning contests.  Call in and win a prize for answering a question.  The announcer asked "What children's song did Mozart create a variations for at the age of 5?"  My eyes bulged out of my head.  First of all Twinkle, Twinkle is a really fraking old song of which no one knows it's origin.  It has many names.  In English, the ABC song and Ba, ba, Black Sheep also uses the tune.

But that's the thing that bothered me.  What she said was Mozart composed the variations at five.  And anyone who's taken a basic music appreciation class will tell you that Mozart did start composing sketches at five.  Emphasis on sketches and other simple piano pieces, which aren't very good.  When he composed his set of variations he was 30.  It's most likely he wrote them to use as an exercise for one of his wealthy students.

So I picked up my cell (back when I had need of one) and called the station to "school" this announcer.  But she brushed me off saying her sources (which could only be bad googling because wikipedia didn't exist at the time) were golden and that I was wrong.  I was livid.  How can a person be so stupid and at least not acknowledge that I could be in fact correct?

But the tables have turned and I have been "schooled."  As I said I consider myself intelligent.  I took advanced math and science courses in high school.  My favorite math course was probability and statistics.  So while I can't hold a candle to Hubby, I can at least hang on a basic level.

HB was rummaging in a box that Knee's godmother had brought a while ago full of books.  Knee's godmother is an astronomer.  Anyways....I come across this book.

I read it to HB and decide I should mention it to Hubby because it talks about collecting moon samples.

Sunday, Hubby reads it to HB and comes in to tell me that there's something really wrong with the book.  "Really? What?"  "You can't tell."  "Nope."  "I'll give you a hint," he says, "It has to do with gravity boots."

I still don't get it.  Then he googles a discussion about the book.  I read the dialogue and still don't get it.

So he brings out his physics hat.  "Sweetie, is there gravity on the moon?"  I've taken astronomy in college so I regurgitate my statistical knowledge from class.  "Yes, but it's not like Earth's...." "So if you drop a pin on the moon will it fall, float, or fly into space?"  "Um....float?"

"No, if there's gravity the pin will fall.  The moon has gravity so it will fall."  "Okay, but what does that have to do with gravity boots?"

"You don't need gravity boots.  Unlike what the book says, you won't actually fly away.  You'll fall to the surface."

"So what are those things we see?"  "Those are just space boots, Dear.  They are just apart of the suit.  Nothing special about them.  Somehow this gravity boot thing got started and it just never stopped.  It's wrong."

"So my whole life, I've been lied too!"  "Afraid so."

Nothin' really special about these things.  Nope.  Nothin' to see here.

Please tell me that I'm not the only educated person who believed that astronauts used such a thing as "gravity boots?"

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