Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Husband is a Closeted Hoarder

About a month ago, I asked Hubby to go through a box of financial papers and pull out what needed to be shredded.  They are stuff from before we were married.  And really every year we should be doing this since nobody needs to save stuff longer than seven years.  He asks me if this stuff shouldn't be saved.

Now before I asked him to set it aside, I had snooped through it to see what it was.  I noticed an old tax return from 2000.  12 years old.

I mention this and he says again shouldn't it be saved.  "Don't make me call my dad." was my response. It helps to have a retired IRS employee in the family.  He groans and says fine and then loads a ton of papers, filling a laundry basket.

Before my shredder over-heated and subsequently died (not permanently, it's a temporal death :)  I noticed that Hubby's been harboring investment information from when I was in high school!!!  In case you're curious, Hubby is exactly 2 years, 2 months, and 6 days my senior (and throw in a few hours).  So it's really old.

Also rather annoying is the staples.  Some stuff is quadruple stapled together.  For the love of all that's holy, use a paper clip.  It saves your fingers.

Speaking of old Hubby turns another year older May 11th.  And if you aren't sure what to buy him, might I suggest a gift card for the Wii.   You can also buy them at Target and Walmart.

I already order my present for him (by request) along with some light and faucet extenders for HB.  I'm working a semi-Montessouri approach at home to which I explain later.

And in other news bought some used chairs for the outside because we have rotten luck with chairs breaking all the time.  One that we just bought broke a minute ago.  Sigh.  For the love of all that's holy, is there a patron saint of furniture because we need to have a chat if there is.


  1. For the record, I don't keep that stuff because I want it. It's there because it's less work to move a box every couple years than sort and throw away every year.
    There was some stuff that was less than 7 years old (some of it only a couple years) that she told me to throw away. This was right after she said "7 years" so I just asked for confirmation.
    As for the tax records, they can audit you for up to 10 years, so I thought the 7 year rule didn't apply. The 2000 tax return was there because, again, it's easier to move a box than to sort it.

  2. Also, I just checked the link for the Wii points. That $30 gift card get's me $20 worth of points. If you want to get me something, you'd be better off just sending me $20.


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