Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh, My! Oh, Dear!

I wrote an article about my vaccination ordeal for the other blog.  You know the one about I went in and my pediatrician said it was the policy not to allow breastfeeding during vaccinations.

Well...I wrote the post gleaning from this blog and I got upset.  My pediatrician said she would bring it up, but something inside of me stirred and said that she wouldn't.  So I wrote a quick letter, very nice one, asking them to reconsider their policy.  And I included four abstracts from journal articles.

Well...I just got off the phone with the person in charge.  She says they don't have such a policy and she asked me more details.

Somebody's in trouble.  Somebody either didn't read up on their latest memos or they lied.

Why do people lie?  It only gets you into trouble.

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